We thank you deeply from our heart for all your love and best wishes. Makes us feel proud to see how you value our memories with you and still cherish those moments with us.

With lots of love to all,



IPHS was born out of a dream by the late John sir, in which he envisioned a school which could provide the academic foundation for the future children of Ras Al Khaimah. IPHS was to be the institute which could adapt and expand according to the modern child. Now, 30 years later, I am proud to say that his vision is not only a reality but has become something even more – a second home…. Happy bday iphs msg by sophia joshy

APR 28TH, 10:40AM

Congo to our precious school for completing 30 yrs of colourful life this was only possible only because of best management and teachers …happy bday iphs… msg by anjali rajan

i cant forget those wonderful years i spent in iphs….i miss my school days alot…long live iphs…happy bday iphs…. msg by jasmeet singh

APR 28TH, 1:03PM

Iphs is great …..it gave me sinciere education till 10th grade …..i hope it develops more ..happy bday iphs… msg by karamjeet singh

MAY 1ST, 8:49AM

IPHS…an institute where the students get love… support….discipline and sincerty along with education…. Iphs has not only given me wonderful memories for 14 years …. but also my second parents….who supported me at each nd every moment…. on this occassion i would like to congratulate our beloved late John Sir…. honourable Principal mam Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan….Respected Chairman Mr. Reji Skariah…and all the teaching as well as non teaching staff…. Happy Birthday IPHS…. LONG LIVE IPHS….. —–FROM JYOTI TULSANI

I joined a wonderful institute in Class 1st…. which had always given me support….care….nd love…. from all the teachers especially from our beloved Principal Mam…Honourable Chairman Mr. Reji Skariah…
Thanks to each nd every one for all the support.
Happy Bday Iphs…????

msg from Ashraful Hoque

SUN 1:19PM

Indian Public High School….. the name of the instition describes its glory… i have recieved all kind of love … support… and care from both teaching as well as non teaching staff. Proud to be a student of Iphs.. hearty congratulations …happy bday iphs


msg from Prabdeep Singh