KG Activities

Activities 2016-17


To create an opportunity for the students to show their affection by means of  a small gift for their Father and to wish their dear Dad ‘Happy Father Day’. Fathers deserve a  big Thanks for the never – ending support they shower us with, in every step of our lives.

On Father’s Day, June 18th, 2017, students of KG 1 and KG 2 made beautiful greeting cards to take home and give their fathers and wish Happy Father’s Day. KG 1 students created two palm impressions on heart-shaped cut-outs of chart with messages like ‘Thank you for everything’, ‘I love you Daddy’ and ‘When you hold my hand, you hold my heart.’ Kg 2 students did a small gift box with a medal inside made from chart paper with ‘#1 dad’ message written over one side. The box was wrapped in a beautiful satin ribbon.


To be sensitized towards environment and its current issues is something that needs to be done right from the young age. With this objective in mind, the KG section dedicated an entire week, from 11th to 15th June 2017 to it.

On 5th June, students of KG1 and KG2 were given a sapling to carry home. Paper bags were beautified by pictures and were coloured by students. These bags carried slogans such as ‘Save Earth’ ‘No Plastic’. These were later, handed over to a hypermarket to be used for customers.

Visit to Al Amanath Bakery

On 22nd of May, the students of KG 2 were taken to  Al Amanath Bakery located at Al Nakheel, Ras Al Khaimah. On reaching the spot, students were given caps to be worn for hygienic reasons. They were then taken inside the bakery kitchen and shown around the various departments involved in the processing of all the yummy items that are actually sold in the bakery. The students were excited to learn about them and took home yummy cupcakes and tetra pack juices that were given as compliments.During the trip they also sang Baker’s Man and Hot Cross Bun Rhyme which were fitting for the place they visited – a Bakery!

Festival of Colours-KG-1

Recognizing the colors and identifying the colour names is an important part of a child’s development.‘Festival of Colours’ was planned aptly for the students of KG-1 enabling them to develop colour recognition skills, at the onset of the year from 23rd April to 18th May 2017. Children came dressed as per the colour of the week to school to be welcomed by beautifully decked up classrooms.

Various activities like thumb printing, cotton bud printing and bubble – wrap printing were done by students. Take home art like turtle, apple, pine apple and a flower were the special features enjoyed by children.  

Mother’s Day Celebration

An Occasion as special as Mother’s Day should not simply go by wishing ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ orally. It was a perfect occasion to express feelings through intense creativity. Cards were made by the students and they were also taught a song to express their love for their mother. They carried home the card to present to their lovely mothers on Mother’s Day.

Art and Craft Week

The Art and Craft week is primarily to teach students how to create wonderful things using various easily available materials and to hone their creative skills.The Art and Craft week was organized in the month of May from 14th to 22nd of May. The activities carried out during the Art and Craft week were Pineapple Printing, Leaf Printing, Dandelion Flower Printing, Collage Making on IPHS Birthday and Honey Bee Craft.

Sharing Day (Toy Day)

Sharing is a vital life skill. Its something children need to learn to make friends and play cooperatively. At the onset of the new academic year, Sharing Day (Toy Day) was aptly organised for KG-1 students.

Students were asked to bring their favourite toy to school on 19-4-2017.Under the guidance of the teachers, children exchanged toys and played with them. Some students told stories to their peers using their toys. Children were encouraged and praised for good sharing. Teachers utilized this opportunity to explain about the very important Skill-Sharing.

‘Pleased to meet you’ Activity – KG2

The objective of ‘Pleased to Meet You’ activity was to encourage the students of KG2 to introduce themselves to their peers. On April 18th 2017, all the students of KG-2 from sections A to E ,were taken to the playground and made to form a big circle. Each student was asked to introduce himself/herself to others. Starting with a small greeting each student began saying the name followed by class and section and ended with “Pleased to meet you”. This ‘introduction’ session, with intermittent rhymes and basic exercises, in the morning hours, was indeed a positive start for the year 2017-18.

Orientation Programme

The Orientation helps to create the foundation for positive relationships between parents and teachers and builds mutual trust and confidence.

Kindergarten Orientation took place prior to the re-opening of school, i.e, on 23rd May 2017. A briefing of the agenda was done by one of the teachers of Kindergarten. Later, Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, in her speech, welcomed the parents to the Orientation Programme and briefed up a few important points pertaining to Kindergarten. Kindergarten teachers, assistants and other staff members were introduced to parents. The Supervisor continued with more bullet points about curriculum, school timings, etc. Important school policies were explained in short to parents by Student Counselor. The Orientation Programme ended with vote of thanks proposed by a teacher.