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Middle Section Activities 2017-18


IPHS students got an opportunity to exhibit their artistic talents using a computer. They displayed their digital painting skills in the “Digital Painting” competition finals held on 23/10/2017 for classes V & VI and 24/10/2017 for classes VII & VIII. The topic given was “Beach “for classes V & VI and “UAE Scenery” for classes VII & VIII. The finished products were amazing as the children had let their imagination run wild and create absolute magic.
“Fast Fingers” was an another IT competition held to identify and award the fastest typists among students of classes VII and VIII on 25/10/2017. A sample text with a specific format was given which was to be typed by the students in the given time using MSWord. Students participated with lots of excitement and enthusiasm.

IPHS participates in Science Seminar

The Science Club students of classes VI -X attended an Interactive Science Seminar at Scholars Indian School on 7th June 2017. The resource person was Dr. Hemwati Nandan, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Gurukula Kangiri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar. His areas of specialisation are High Energy Physics and Classical Gravity. The topic of the seminar was “Our Universe”. He explained about the Big Bang Theory, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, How Big is Big!, How small is small! It was a knowledgeable and an informative session for the students.

Visit to Sheikh Zayed Mosque, RAK

To learn etiquettes of visiting Masjid, to learn the Sunnah way of offering Salat- ul- Jama’ah and to learn the importance of Salat- ul -Jama’ah in Masjid the students of classes VI & VII visited the Masjid Sheikh Zayed Mosque, RAK on 17thMay 2017 and learned the attiqutes of visiting sacred places. They had a view of the different areas like Ablution area, Prayer area and library. Students offered Thuhr Salah in the Masjid and read Al-Quran.They learnt the Sunnah way of offering salat ul Jama’ah in Masjid. They also learnt that it is an obligatory sunnah and praying in Jama’ah has 27 degrees more reward than praying alone. They were accompanied by Mrs. Samia, Mrs.Naseema and Mr.Hossam of Islamic Education Department.

Health Awareness Programme @ IPHS

As a committed community partner, actively helping to improve health and hygiene standards across the Middle East, ‘Dettol’ initiated to educate thousands of children and their mothers. As a part of it, Hand Wash Procedure Demonstration was done at IPHS for classes V and VI students on May 16th 2017.The students learned four simple germ lessons. First they understood where the germs are most commonly found. Second, they were taught that germs can make kids, sick. Third they were taught how to wash their hands properly and lastly they were told when to wash their hands. Puberty Awareness class was also conducted for the girls of classes V & VI on May 16th 2017 by ‘Always Sanitary Napkin Company’, Dubai.

Mother's Day Celebration @ IPHS

On 10th May 2017 the Happiness Ambassador Council of IPHS took the initiative to celebrate Mothers’ Day in an unique manner. It was announced in the school that students from middle section should share their experiences on how they celebrated mothers day at home and made his/her mother feel special. It could be by making cards, posters, albums, helping mom, writing poems etc. The event was categorized in three groups which consists of students of grade VI, VII, VIII.

The students presented their work in a very enthusiastic manner. The students along with the class incharge presented their respective class work in an album form. All the albums were displayed in the library. The Parent Council members judged the event and selected the best Album. The event was a great success with the co-operation of class in charge and students.

World Book Day Celebration (VI-VIII)

On the occasion of World Book Day Celebration, activities were conducted for classes VI-VIII in the month of April 2017. The students had an option to create their own story or a comic strip. The concept was to create a story book which was an integration of literacy & Art ideas. Comic strip highlighted the students creativity towards depicting comic ideas. Students actively participated by creating story books in Hindi, Arabic, Malayalam and English.