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Teachers’ Corner

Workshop conducted by Only Success Team @ IPHS

A Workshop was conducted by Only Success Team on 3rd January 2018 at IPHS. The resource person for this workshop was Mr. Kherun Khan. The topic of the first session was Neuro Linguestic Programme (NLP). She explained about the eight traits of 21stcentury great teachers.

1) Strong rapport with students.
2) Passion for children and teaching.
3) Knowledge of subject matter.
4) Knowledge of curriculum and students.
5) Higher Expectations.
6) Good Communication with parents.
7) Clear objectives for lessons.
8) Be updated with technology.

She also emphasized that like teachers have expectations from the students, likewise students also have some expectations from the teachers. She also said that a 21st century teacher should be an Adaptor, Trained, Leader, Communicator, Equipped, Learner, Model and Risk taker.
The second session was on Delete Distortion Generalization. She explained about the procrastinations. She also stressed upon the importance of Bloom's Taxonomy in educational system. A mock test was conducted to give an idea about Teachers’ Training Certification. It was very useful for all teachers. The workshop was very informative and it helped in the professional development of the attendees.


A workshop for the school leaders and teachers was conducted by the PEARSON group at GEMS New Millenium School, Al Khail, Dubai on 10th December, 2017. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Ruwneet Bains from the PEARSON group. Mrs. Lisa Sam and Mrs. Susan Mariyam represented IPHS, RAK. The workshop revolved around the topic - ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy and Assessment of classroom teaching-learning.’
Mrs. Ruwneet Bains mainly focused on the importance of bringing about a change in the present method of imparting and evaluating education wherein the assessments in form of TESTS have a decisive role in deciding a student’s future. Accordingly, she emphasized that there should be a driven change so as to equip students with Life Skills and prepare them for the REAL WORLD.
A debate was also conducted on the topic-Testing fails to measure the skills required by a leader to succeed in the next decade. The importance of developing skills such as Collaborative Skills, Adaptability, Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills were some of the other topics that were also discussed. As the closing note, Mrs. Ruwneet raised a call to all the participants to be one among the 10% who can definitely bring about a positive change in the classroom teaching-learning experience. The workshop was a great learning.

Professional Development Programme for English Teachers

Indian School, Dubai organized a Professional Development Programme on 24th November 2017. It was a one day training programme for Senior Secondary School teachers in the subject of English on ”Question Paper Setting and HOTS”. Mr. Opkar Singh was the resource person who has been setting question papers for CBSE for more than twenty years. As per the question paper pattern the training programme was also divided into Reading, Writing Literature and HOT questions with Rubrics, Blue print and Marking Scheme. It was informative, very effective, encouraging and also useful. He specified the importance of consistency of neat and legible hand writing and the necessity of following the word limit of answers as per the questions.


Workshop on Number Concepts-Kindergarten

Workshop on Number Concepts-Kindergarten was conducted on November 18, 2017 at Indian High School, Dubai by Kusum Bhatia, DIET,SCERT, New Delhi, India. Teachers from Lower and Upper Kindergarten attended the workshop. The workshop focused on presenting Maths concepts to the Kindergarteners in a very innovative and understandable manner. As they are introduced to the basic concepts only at this level, the very foundation for the subject is laid and it is important that is a very strong one.Lot of activities went hand in hand with the explanation of Pre-Number concepts, to begin with, followed by other concepts that are taught at the Kindergarten level.The workshop went lively with discussions, activities and warm up sessions.

Professional Development Programme for Primary School Teachers

Workshop on ‘Constructive Approach of Teaching Mathematics’ was held on 17th November 2017 for Primary School teachers. The resource person was Ms. Kusum Bhatia, DIET, SCERT, Delhi. The workshop was very useful especially to understand the innovative methods in teaching Mathematics.

One Day Training Programme for Biology Teachers

The Indian High School, Dubai organized a one day training programme for PGT Biology teachers on 3rd November 2017.The resource person was Dr. Dinesh Kumar. The objective of the session was to discuss about the changes in the pattern of the questions, setting of the question paper and setting HOT questions. He also explained about the necessity of implementing the value based questions, National Curriculum Framework 2012 and the role of ICT in evaluation.

Workshop on ‘Common Concerns of Support Staff’

Workshop on ‘Common Concerns of Support Staff ‘ was conducted for non-teaching staff which included Drivers, Conductors and Care takers, on 29th October, 2017 by Mrs. Anu Margaret , the Specialist Social Worker, Child Guidance Clinic, Sunny Specialty Medical Center, Sharjah. Objective of the workshop was common concerns of support staff. The resource person explained the common concerns of children, parents, colleagues/superiors. Session was very useful for the supporting staff, as it gave them awareness on how to deal with students, parents as well as with the colleagues.

Workshop on “How to Teach? How to excel as a Teacher

A workshop on ’How to Teach? How to excel as a Teacher' was conducted on 28th of October 2017 at Indian School, Dubai. The resource person was Dr. John Jose. Couple of effective and innovative techniques that could be incorporated in teaching were highlighted. The primary objective of the workshop was to explain the root cause of ineffective teaching practices.
Following key areas were discussed:
Teaching as Noble Profession, To make a difference in the teaching, Be a Teacher of difference, Lifelong learner and Critical thinker, Socially and emotionally skilled, Spiritually engaged with noble thinking, How to set our goal, Our role as a teacher.

The workshop was instrumental in providing scope for implementing effective teaching methods for the current curriculum.

One Day Training Programme for Physics Teachers

A Workshop on Question Paper Setting and HOTs was conducted on 27th October, 2017 at the Indian High School, Dubai. Dr. Srivasthava was the honorable resource person. The objective of the programme was to amend the pattern of question papers and the importance of having HOTs questions in an exam was stressed upon. Also the role of ICT in evaluation was discussed.

Civil Defense Training: Fire & Safety

AJ Training and Consultancy, RAK conducted a Fire & Safety training programme for the staff of IPHS on 21st October 2017. The resource person was Mr. Selvan, Trainer & Consultant. The first session explained about the use of fire extinguisher in the emergency cases and during the fire accidents. The demonstration of using the fire extinguisher took part in the second session. It was an informative and useful training programme.

One Day Training Programme for Chemistry Teachers

Indian High School of Dubai organized a one day training program for senior secondary chemistry teachers on 6th October 2017 .Teachers from different schools were attended the program. The training program was so informative in the aspect of teaching – learning, and preparing students for the exams. The session discussed the importance of activity based teaching in chemistry.
The session helped to enhance our understanding level of the XII –CHEMISTRY text book while gaining instructional tips and techniques for students. The designing of question paper as well as the preparation of marking scheme were discussed in detail.
Resource Person Mr. R.K. Parashar, demonstrated some of the experiments in the laboratory and gave us a chance to do the same. He also gave each of the teachers a CD, that had all the details pertaining to the subject and the experiments and distributed the sample papers for the coming board exam to all the participants.

Onam Celebration @ IPHS

The staff of IPHS celebrated Onam on 21st September 2017. The school chairman Mr. Reji Skaria, Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, Mrs. Helen Reji, Vice Principal Dr. Annamma Mathew, Supervisors and Coordinators along with teaching and non-teaching staff had organized the celebration.

The celebrations started with a talk by Mr. Rajesh, HOD of Science Department, narrating the story behind Onam. This was followed by our Principal, Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan welcoming the gathering. The celebration became a venue for honoring and appreciating teachers who dedicated their service in the academic year 2016 – 17. The cultural programmes included song sung by teachers and ‘Thiruvathirakali’ which was a feast to all senses. The celebration concluded by the sumptuous Onam Sadhya. The celebration was an occasion for each and everyone to refresh and enjoy, forgetting all the stress and worries.

Workshop on Identifying and Handling Concerns of Preschool Child, Children with Learning Difficulties and Teens and Young Adults

Workshop on Identifying and Handling concerns of Preschool Child, Children with Learning Difficulties and Teens and young adults was conducted for teachers in three different sessions.
Workshop on “ ‘Preschool’ child – Identifying and Handling their concerns “ was conducted by Ms. Anu Margaret, Social Worker(MOH), Sunny Specialty Medical Centre, U.A.E for all the teaching staff of IPHS, held on 6th September, 2017. It was focused on adopting different modalities for kids having learning and behavioral problems. It also highlighted important guidelines that will help in fostering a healthy and conducive learning environment for children.
The Primary Session Workshop was conducted by Mrs. Preethi Mohan Kumar, Psychologist / Ex-counsellor of OUR OWN SCHOOL, Dubai. Session was related to on “Identifying and Supporting Children with Learning and other associated concerns.” The third session was on Handling Common Concerns in Teens and Young Adults in Classrooms by Mrs. Anu Margret was taken for the teachers of Middle and Senior section. She explained about the physical, emotional and social challenges for today’s young generation from her own professional experience. The topic for the workshop was very informative, and provided an insight into some small but significant points which we tend to ignore in our day to day life. Certainly it was a beneficial for all the attendees.

One Day Training Programme for Senior Secondary Teachers in Economics

A one day Training Programme for Senior Secondary Teachers in Economics was conducted at Indian High School, Dubai on 6th September 2017. Economics teachers from all over the U.A.E attended the workshop. There were three sessions. Prof. J.P. Goel discussed about deleted topics from Micro and Macro Economics. The second session was on ‘Projects in Economics of class XII ‘. This was explained with the help of a sample project and Power Point Presentation. It was very useful and informative, moreover many teachers got a chance to clear their queries. The third session was on ‘Preparation of HOT questions in Micro and Macro Economics’. The workshop was very useful especially to understand the changes in the syllabus.

Workshop on ‘Early Identification and Intervention of Learning Disabilities’

Workshop on ‘Early Identification and Intervention of Learning Disabilities ‘ was conducted for the Kindergarten teachers and Grade 1 & 2 teachers on 20th June, 2017. Mrs. Carol Mathias, Senior Lecturer (Psychology) & student counsellor, RAKMHSU was the conductor of the workshop.
Objective of the workshop was on how to identify students with special needs or learning disabilities and provide appropriate intervention at the school-level. An introduction was given by Mrs. Mathias on learning Disabilities, types of learning disabilities and how to identify and its intervention strategies. Session was very useful for the kindergarten teachers, as it gives them an insight on how to analyze, identify and to take corrective remedies based on the analysis of their students.

Iftaar Party @ IPHS

Following the spirit of community, friendship, sharing and caring the staff of INDIAN PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL planned and organized an Iftaar Party on 22nd June 2017 at 7:15 pm in the school campus to celebrate this sacred occasion.Staff were delighted to see the entire members. School Management, Sponsors and staff together were involved in sponsoring various items. It was a memorable evening for all.

IPHS participates in International Day of Yoga @ RAK

With support from Consul General of India, Dubai American University of RAK and Indian Peoples’s Forum jointly organized International Day of Yoga in Ras Al Khaimah on 21st June 2017 from 8.30 pm to 10.00pm at Football Ground AU-RAK. The chief guest was Shri. Vipul, Consul General of India, Dubai. The staff of IPHS enthusiastically participated in the programme. It was a splendid experience for all. The school received a memento from the organization for participating actively.

Professional Development Workshop for English Teachers

The workshop organized by Emirates English Speaking School on 23rd May 2017 was informative and interesting in many aspects. The resource person was Dr. Mark Ivans of Penta International. The objective was to discuss various skills associated in learning such as Visual Skills, Kinaesthetic Skills etc. The session was almost completely focused on interactive methods for better understanding. The session was interesting as it was based on interactive methods. The prime objective was to emphasise the fact that teaching involves lots of understanding about the capabilities and different levels of interest of children.

Professional Development Program Workshop For Science Teachers

A Professional Development Program for Science teachers was conducted on 23rd May 2017 at Emirates English Speaking School, Dubai. Topic of the session was Differentiation Techniques, which was organized by the Council of CBSE affiliated Schools in the Middle East. The resource person, Dr. Mark Evan, discussed about the different methods of differentiation which can be brought in the presentation of certain topic, in the teaching process and also in gathering the product. He also talked about the different ways of grouping such as Ability Grouping and Co-operative Grouping. Group Activities and Inter Group Discussions made the session interesting. Dr. Mark pointed out that differentiation can be brought in the task we give, the resources we use, and the pace (speed) we follow, and in the outcome we expect in the announcement techniques we use in the class room.

Workshop conducted by Pearson India Education Pvt.Ltd

Pearson India Education Private Limited conducted a seminar on “Future of Learning” which was held on Saturday May 13, 2017 at Crown Plaza in Dubai. Our Vice Principal Dr. Annamma Mathew participated for the event. The resource persons were Mrs. Varsha Singh and Mr. Ujjwal.

The proceedings of the session were as follows:-

• 21st Century influences on our education are to create ‘Global Citizens’.
• Getting the students and young adults to have divergent thinking with the focus on the capacity building of that ‘Nation’.
• Focus has to be on brain development at preprimary stage with highly stimulating curriculum.
• Assessment for learning needs diagnostic reports providing pin-pointed suggestions, which would help in impacting learning gaps.
• Assessment must lead to skill based learning and not to a subject based learning.
• Immersive learning will redefine the digital learning to create an impact specifically for abstract concepts.

Workshop for Malayalam Teachers @ Dubai Model School

On behalf of the Kerala Sahitya Academy, the daily morning newspaper- Deshabhimani and Seashell hosted a great event “Malayaliyum Malayala Bhaashayum-Arupathaam Aandu’. It was organised on the 4th, 5th and 6th of May 2017 at Dubai Model School.The occasion was honoured by the presence of Shri.K Sachidanandan, a pioneer in modern poetry,renowned writers-Prof M.M Narayanan, Shri. T.D RamaKrishnan and Shri.K.E.N as the Chief Guests.

It’s quite exciting to learn that nearly 15 students from our school participated in the various literary competitions held on May 5th.They also received the certificates for the same.On May 6th, a seminar on ‘Malayalavum Pravaasavum’ was organised for the Malayalam teachers and all of our faculties from the Malayalam Department took part in it and received their certificates for participation. The seminar stood as a great guideline towards exploring the effective teaching techniques of the Malayalam Language.

Workshop on Question Paper Setting, HOTS And ASL in English Language Teaching

The workshop was conducted at Indian High School, Dubai on 29th April, 2017. Teachers who attended the workshop from IPHS, RAK were Mr. J. D. Fernandes and Mrs. Sreedevi Neelesh. The workshop was attended by the teachers from various schools from Emirates of UAE, Oman and Saudi. The Resource Person was Mrs. Neelima Sharma, a Renowned Educationist, Author of Several English Books, and Consultant for NCERT and CBSE. The first session was on Question Paper Setting and HOTS. The second session was on ASL. The resource person further explained the main criteria of the Speaking Assessment: Interactive Competence, Fluency, Pronunciation and Language. At the end of the session, all the participants were awarded certificates.

Workshop on “Paradigm Shift in Academic Leadership: From Authority to Authencity”

Theme Centred Interaction (TCI) Workshop on the theme “Paradigm Shift in Academic Leadership: From Authority to Authencity”, led by Dr. C. Thomas Abraham, International Graduate Facilitator of Ruth Cohn Institute, Berlin, on 8th April 2017 at Habitat School, Ajman, UAE was attended, by Primary Section-Supervisor, Mrs. Shammy Santosh Middle Section- Supervisor Mrs. Soumyashree, , HOD-English Department Mrs. Vijayalekshmi,. The topics included were emotional intelligence, empowering leadership, personal and professional growth. The methodology was that of TCI which included introspective and interactive sessions aimed at transformative learning.

Counsellors Forum 2017

GETEX Counsellors Forum 2017 was conducted on April 16, 2017 at the Exhibition Center, Dubai was attended by School Counsellor, Mrs.Bitty Devasia. It was organized by International Conferences & Exhibitions L.L.C. Delegates from different Universities, School Counsellors and Special Educators participated in the conference. The different sessions were conducted by renowned speakers. The topics of the Forum was Career Guidance, Positive Psychology, Life Skill Training for the youth. It was an effective and knowledgeable session.