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P. O. Box: 5079

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Middle Section Activities 2018-19

Masjid Visit

Islamic Education Department of IPHS conducted the activity Masjid Visit on 27th May 2018. The Islam students of classes VI to VIII Boys and Girls were taken to Diwan Masjid, RAK to perform Duhr prayer in Jama’ah under the guidance of Mrs. Naseema , Mr. Hossam and Mr. Qadeer. There were 50 girls and 50 boys visited the Masjid and attended the prayer. The objectives focused were to learn the appropriate way of offering Salah in Jama’ah  and understand  its benefits. The students learned the ettiques and manners to follow in a  Masjid.

Visit to Geriatric Hospital

Children have the potential to change the future and if they are sensitized at the right time, then they can prove to be an asset for the nation. Keeping the same notion in mind, the students of classes VIII C & D on 13th & 14th May 2018 were taken to the Geriatric ward of Saif Hospital. The intention behind this was to inculcate the feeling of empathy, love, care and compassion towards the family as well as the community.

World Book Day 2018 @ IPHS

IPHS organized an activity to recycle (RGSP-RAK green school program) the unused pages of the old notebooks in connection with World Book Day & World Earth Day. Students were asked to bring the unused pages of their old notebooks. On 19th April 2018, the Guides members of the school and the students in the library period, under the guidance of Middle Section Supervisor Mrs. Soumya Shree, binded the unused pages into new notebooks. Students were very excited to do the activity to make use of the pages which were usually thrown as trash. Co-operation, Concentration and Creativity were the skills attained through this activity. Students were happy to be the part of the initiatives taken by school to save the resources.

IPHS participates in Heritage Day Programme @ RAK Museum

To remark World Heritage Day IPHS join hands with RAK Antiques and Museum Department and presented a Cultural Dance (Bhangra). It was held at RAK Museum on 18th April 2018.Eight students of class VIII participated in the event.It was highly appreciated by everyone.The day gave a colourful and memorable moment of pride for IPHS.