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Founder Chairman’s Message

It is immensely gratifying for me to gather that an elegant and informative website is being bought out by Indian Public High School, Ras- Al- Khaimah. A school is the right blend of education, entertainment and personality development. Right from the day of its inception IPHS backs up each child not only with the best kind of education but also with a concrete value system. Over the years the school has gone leaps and bounds by way of progress in all spheres.
I think our team of an efficient Principal and Vice- Principal, Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan and Mrs. Sujatha Mohanbabu and our dedicated teachers are the resources, which made this dream come true. The endeavour of bringing out the inner potentials of each child and moulding it in the best possible way all aiming at the personal development of an individual has given me a high degree of self-satisfaction.
And as the names of you, the alumni, glitter in the Roll of Honour of this school and as they leave indelible footprints on the great Sands of Time, the IPHS family bow their heads in humility and gratitude to God Almighty for His Boundless Grace and Guidance.
I am very proud to recollect that the time you spent in this school during the most formative years of your lives has gone a long way in carving a niche for yourself in the highest echelons of the professional world now. I offer kudos whole-heartedly to each one of you on your creditable achievements. Let us hope that this web site will help you to affirm contact with your Alma Mater. I wish you the very best for this noble venture.
Late Mr. John Valiyaveetil
Founder Chairman
Indian Public High School
Ras Al Khaimah