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P. O. Box: 5079

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

7:45 to 14:15

(Monday to Thursday)

7:45 to 11: 30


Principal’s Message

Nurturing Organic Growth where Wisdom is valued more than riches.

Embarking on the journey of education, our vision transcends traditional paradigms. At the heart of our philosophy lies a profound understanding – a perspective viewed through the lens of the child. We believe in guiding them towards self-discovery, teaching not just to deliver knowledge, but to instil the art of learning. It’s about equipping them with the skills to fish rather than laying everything on a platter. In our vibrant educational community, we foster an environment where children learn the importance of happiness and the art of venting without causing harm. Our educators act as facilitators, nurturing organic growth and guiding students to detach from the unnecessary, while embracing what truly matters. Sustainability in its essence, is not just a concept; it’s a way of life that we cultivate.

Transcending boundaries, our commitment to Inclusivity and support shapes a school community where teachers, parents and staff collaborate seamlessly. Together, we weave a tapestry of kindness, understanding and teamwork, mirroring the latest version of the timeless Hare and Turtle story –where teamwork propels us towards enduring success.

As educators, we embrace change willingly, shifting and thriving in an atmosphere that welcomes innovation. We are architects of an exciting journey, molding resilient individuals poised to contribute to a harmonious world. Beyond academic excellence our focus is on shaping beings ready to embark on life’s ultimate Quest-Happiness, thereby crafting a sustainable future, where every step echoes with the towering glory of the human race.

Mrs. Jisha Jayan
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