School Activities


3rd International Day of Yoga Celebration @ IPHS

To celebrate the Third International Day of Yoga, the Indian Public High School, organized a yoga presentation for the IPHS community on 21st June 2017. The yogis included parents, staff and students. The session began with the singing of the ‘YOGA GEET’ by the students, which created a soothing atmosphere. The Yoga instructors of the day were Mr. Atam Prakash and Mrs. Mamta Atam, Senior International Faculties from The Art of Living, RAK. The Yoga instructor, Mr. Atam Prakash began the session, reading the message of the day by the honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi. The whole course was as per the Common Yoga Protocol 2017.The duration of the presentation was 30 minutes in which the breathing exercises and the main asanas were explained and trained. These asanas were taught to bring about holistic approach to health and well being especially among the students.   

Distribution of Gifts @Al Nuami Construction Company

The Students of IPHS on 19th June 2017 distributed food hampers among the labourers at ‘Al Nuami Construction Company’, Ras Al Khaimah @ American University Campus during the Holy Month of Ramadan and also as a part of Year of Giving.

Thank you very much for all the parents who have supported their children for the contribution of the gifts to make this event a successful one. Thanks to all the class teachers who have encouraged the children to enhance the value of giving to the needy. Without their support this project would not have been a remarkable one.

Drawing and Colouring Competition

Creative art activities can help children in all areas of development. Drawing and Colouring Competition was conducted for classes I to VIII on 18th June, 2017.  The students displayed their artistic skills. Class I  was given the pictures and they coloured them. Classes II to VIII topic were given. They used colours to express their creativity. The neatness and precision of their work was appreciated by everyone.  The best three drawings from each class were selected and handed over to the art teacher Mrs. Vrinda for the final judgement. The art teacher selected the best entries and winners were declared on the 5 point grading system. They were awarded with certificates during assembly. This competition gave an opportunity to the students to show their talent.

Art Competition @ IPHS

Attractive Motivation Events brings a platform to explore students’ hidden talents on arts and appreciated them with exciting prizes. Painting and Pencil Drawing Competition were conducted on various dates in the month of June 2017 for classes I to X. The competition was mandatory. Theme was selected by the organization and evaluation was done by their allotted team of judges. First round results were declared. Many Students were selected as the finalists from IPHS. These Finalists will be appreciated with Trophy & certificate. Final Round results will be announced in the month of September.

‘Hag Al Laila’- A Sweet Celebration @ IPHS

Before the holy month of Ramadan begins, UAE residents celebrate the day of Hag Al Laila as a precursor to the holy month. Hag Al Laila falls on 15th day of the month of Sha’aban. Hag Al Laila is one of the many traditions inherited by the Emiratis from their ancestors. As a part of it, students of IPHS distributed sweets to all the students. Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan distributed sweets to the guests and the staff. It was a day filled with happiness of giving all around. 


Collage Making Competition was held on 23rd  May and 18th June 2017 for classes III to X. It was an art work  made by sticking  pieces of paper that includes magazines, news paper etc. Students were given the sketch where they had to fill in using the old magazine paper bits. The collage works were solely judged on their creativity and originality. The theme for each class was chosen by the Art Teacher, Mrs. Vrinda. Classes X was given the topic as group activity. The winners were announced in the assembly and were awarded with certificate by the section Supervisor.


On Saturday, 10th June, 2017, Teens India UAE organized Quiz competition for all the Indian School students in the Seven Emirates of U. A. E and  Al Ain.

In Ras Al Khaimah, IPHS was delighted to get the opportunity to have the venue and to conducted the competition. Thirty students registered for the exam. The topic was “The Qur’an & Modern Science”. The Prizes announced for the winners were Gold Coins and other attractive offers. Incharge teacher, Mrs. Samia helped the students to prepare well for the competition.


Indian Public High School organized a one week ‘Book Fest’ from Sunday, 21st May to Thursday 25th May, 2017 in association with Al Warjd General Trading LLC. In the present world, importance of reading has become very important and owing a book is a dream come true for all the book lovers. On display were a wide range of books from Indian & International Publishers (English and Arabic). The books were age specific, curriculum related, exciting & enriching. The children enjoyed the fair and picked books varying from science to spooky stories; from puzzles to poems; and from fiction to facts. The teachers equally helped the children in selecting the books. The Book Fair was open to parents from afternoon till evening. They utilized this fair in purchasing the right book for their Children.


A Mock Evacuation Drill under the guidance of Mr. Venugopal, incharge of Fire and Safety was conducted on 25 May, 2017 in the school premises to prepare everyone for the correct code of conduct in case of an unforeseen disaster. Prior to the drill all the staff members and students had the idea of fire evacuation plan, its procedure, Emergency Assembly Points and their important positions. When the fire alarm was given, the students came out to their allotted positions in the given order and pattern within a minute.All equipments required for drill i.e, first aid box, fire extinguisher, fire safety blankets etc. had been arranged in the charted out positions. Thereafter a mock fire was lit and fire wardens came with fire extinguisher and put out the fire. The Mock Drill was successful as everyone performed on cue and all the students reached the safe area, the school ground, on time. It ended with complete head count.

Recital of Holy Quran Competition @ IPHS

To learn Al-Quran with Tajweed and Tarteel, the etiquettes of  reading, memorizing  and  listening  Al-Quran and to know the importance of  Al Quran in Muslim’s life and reward of reciting it. Al Quran is   The Last Holy Book of Allah and it is  the religious duty of a Muslim to recite, learn and listen to it. Students of IPHS participated in the competition held on 20th May 2017 with zeal and zest. They memorized  a few verses of  the Al Quran. They presented themselves as a dutiful Muslim. It enhanced their quality of reciting and their interest in Al Quran. Students made use of   the opportunity to show it,they also learned to improve themselves  in the recital of the holy verses. 

FOOD FEST’ organized by Student Council

The ’FOOD FEST’ organized by the student council was conducted on May 10, 2017.It was an occasion to rejoice with the variety of tastes. The participation of the students with the wholehearted support of the parents was the key to success. The fest offered a large variety of cuisines covering different cultures.The fest was an occasion to prove the unity of the various cultures inside the school campus and the effective organization by the students.


In the broad wing of time, one stiffer feather is added to the exuberant life of IPHS, R.A.K. IPHS celebrated its founders day and 31st birthday on 8th May, 2017 amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation.

The special assembly held on this joyful day in the school premises began with flag hoisting by the Principal, Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan along with the Vice Principal, Dr. Annamma Mathew. After the usual procedure in the assembly, Master. Sidharth Purohit, the Head Boy of the school and the Principal addressed the school with an emotional touch.  The Principal, Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, who took the school to its pinnacle of success for 31 years, enlivened the school by naming the major pillars, founder Mr. John Valiyaveetil, Chairman Mr. Reji Skaria, Mrs. Aziza, the School Secretary, Mrs. Sujatha, the former Vice Principal who took  the glory of the school to its highest peak in the past, and urged the students to hone and sharpen their talents and potentials to not only carve a niche for themselves or bring laurels to school but also aim to bring glory to the society as well. It was also the proud moment of the school to honour the little genius of the school, Miss. Aparna Rejith of class  IV A, who won gold medal in National Mathematics Olympiad for the consecutive three years for the same, with Gold Medal and Certificate handed over by the Principal. Besides this, the school held in high esteem and presented the Certificate for the uprightness shown by the students of grade XI, Master. Harjit Singh and Master. Praneet Deepak Amin, who practiced the values of honesty in real life by handing over the cash purse found near the school premises to the school office. This day also witnessed the teachers, Mrs. Shammy Santhosh, Mrs. Kavitha Pradesh, Mrs.Rubina Yasmin, Mrs. Dhanya R, Mrs. Deepika Mahesh Purohit, Mrs. Jiny John, Mrs. Sumana R and Mrs. Amy George who got 100% attendance in the year 2016-2017,  were felicitated with gold coin and certificate. Thereafter, the Happiness Ambassador representative from teachers, Mrs. Preeti Anoop with students ambassadors were welcomed on to the stage, and was pinned the badges of the ‘Happiness Ambassador’ by the Principal and the respective Class Teachers. Then, there were shouts of joy and birthday wishes to IPHS when the birthday cake was cut by the Principal in the presence of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the school. After that, the whole school was captivated by the scintillating, radiant and vibrant artistic performance exhibited by the students of various classes.

Elocution Competition(Classes III – XII)

An Elocution Competition,the art of Public Speaking was conducted on 29th April, 2017 for classes III-XII. The participants were divided into four categories .  There were three Judges for three different languages English, Malayalam and Hindi and their decision was final. The winners were awarded certificates.

Investiture Ceremony

The investiture ceremony was a day to be cherished for the leaders. The solemn oath taking ceremony, honouring with badges and the exchange of sashes were true moments of glory for achievers. Together with the Head Boy, Master Siddharth Mahesh Purohit and the Head Girl Miss.Krishna Anilkumar, the other Office Bearers, House Captains and all the class prefects were honoured on 27th April 2017. The Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan honoured the students with badges.The school Head Girl Miss.Krishna Anilkumar delivered a speech on the duties and responsibilities of a leader.


To develop imaginative, aesthetic and writing skills in children, the department of English, IPHS conducted various Creative Writing Competitions for the grades V to XII in the school campus on 18th April 2017.

Students of Grades V & VI competed each other Making Cards on the topic ‘Wish a Gorgeous Day to IPHS’. This competition has helped to nurture the drawing and writing skills of the younger ones.

In the next category, Students of Grades VII & VIII got the opportunity to take part in Story Writing contest on the topic ‘The Value of Hunger’. This has enhanced the imaginative as well as narrative writing skills of the students.

In the category of Grades IX & X, students took part in the Poem Writing Competition on the topic ‘Mother, an Epitome of Love and Affection’. The students who took interest in poem writing could develop the aesthetic sense, and put down the words felt in the real life.

A Skit Writing competition was also conducted for the grades XI & XII on the topic ‘Abode of Your Wisdom’. Obviously, the skit writing has enriched their conversational and writing skills that are useful in their daily life.

First Day Fun Day

IPHS welcomed its students on 2nd April for the new academic session 2017-18. The school was decorated with balloons, flowers and coloured papers to welcome the students. The teachers welcomed the students and directed them to their new class rooms. The tiny tots of KG 2 were given chocolates as they entered the school gate. Some students were dressed in traditional attires to welcome everyone. Melodious music was being played and the entire school was overflowed with new energy. The parents of new students were given bands as token of love as they were the new members of IPHS family. 5th April was a great day for the school as Tiny Tots of KG 1 were joining the school for the first time. The enthusiastic and caring parents accompanied their children. As it is the Year of Giving they were given chocolates and gifts .The parents were given bands as a token of welcome in the IPHS.  The whole school wholeheartedly welcomed the new batch.


On 29th March 2017, a group of 12 students guided by Dr. Annamma Mathew, Vice Principal arrived at JFK airport, New York as part of the educational trip to NASA organized by SATA, Sharjah. During this ten days trip, the students spent three days in NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida extending their knowledge on space in a fun and creative way. On the first day, students built a truss, and then simulated a spacewalk. To add their knowledge, students learned about astronauts, their life in space shuttle, and the space mission. The next day, they built and launched model rockets made of paper tubes and PVC pipes. Then, the students used simulators to understand space travel and space shuttle. The final day, they were engaged in building parachutes for the task known as ‘egg landing’. They also had face to face talk with the astronaut, Bob Springer, who motivated the students with his wonderful experience with the space missions. In addition to this, Students enjoyed shopping from the largest space shop in the world, and they were thrilled to visit some of the amazing locations in the world: Disney Land, Liberty Island, White House, Trump Tower, United Nations Building, Abraham Lincoln’s Memorial, Ground Zero and so on. In short, this trip helped the students to identify challenges and proposing solutions to actual space related situations, and they gained experience in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The students were finally back home on 7th April 2017.