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KG Activities 2016-17


An orientation program was organized for the parents of Kindergarten section on 2nd April, 2016. It helped them to get familiarized with the pedagogy adopted, the policies implemented and other day to day activities conducted in the school. The session was very helpful in clarifying the doubts or apprehensions the parents had concerning the school and its environment. After the session the parents were supplied with a handbook containing important guidelines and suggestions concerning their children.

TOY DAY (Sharing Day)

Sharing is a vital life skill. It is something children need to learn to make friends and play cooperatively. Toy Day was celebrated by KG-1 students on 21st April, 2016 to enhance the social and literacy skills in kids. Children brought colourful toys to play and to share with others."Show and Tell" activity was conducted on 21st May, 2016 .Children were made to sit in a circle and were asked to speak about their favourite toy. This was highly beneficial in enhancing their social and literacy skills.

Visit to Digdaga Dairy Farm (KG Section)

Students of KG II along with class teachers and assistants visited Digdaga Dairy Farm on 19th May 2016. The bus trip to Digdaga which took about 30 minutes from the school was also an exciting experience for the kids. Not caring the hot sun the students walked to sheds where they watched cows and oxen grazing. Though they were not allowed into the bottling unit of the factory, the teachers explained to them the processing of milk and other products. Complimentary flavored milk was offered to all the students and teachers.

Environment Week Celebration

KG II students observed Environment Week from 5th June to 9th June with various activities to know about Pollution and Factors affecting environment and in turn, all the living things. As a part of it, the students decorated ‘Paper Bags with pictures of Earth and Environmental Messages’. The bags were later given to a grocery store to be distributed to customers. Plant saplings were given to students encouraging them to plant trees. Students sowed seeds in small cartons and watered them. They were happy to see them growing. Students colored pictures of a few Endangered Animals and displayed them on the bulletin board.

Vegetable Day

Vegetables are rich in nutrients that are essential for healthy body. Every year vegetable day is organized for students of KG1 to introduce various kinds of vegetables and how they help our body to stay healthy.

On 6th September, children were asked to bring various vegetables to school. All the vegetables were collected to set up a vegetable stall out in the corridor of KG section. Children were given an opportunity to touch and feel the texture of vegetables. The teacher asked a few questions about vegetables. The students made 'Vegetable Charts’ using various materials like bubble wrap, wool, tissue paper and chalk powder .

On 7th September, students of KG1, accompanied by their teachers, visited the ‘Vegetable and fruit section’ of LULU supermarket in RAK Mall. The students were well received by the staff of the market.They were also served refreshments. Teachers took this opportunity to talk about the nutritional value of vegetables.It was indeed an interesting and enriching outdoor experience for the students.

Story Narration Competition

Stories always fascinate children. Children build vocabulary and improve comprehension through narration of stories. Keeping this in view 'Story Narration Competition' in Hindi, English and Malayalam was held on 18th and 19th of October 2016.

Children conveyed morals of the stories through their lively performance. Some students used interesting props like puppets to narrate the stories. Students, with best story narrations, would be awarded certificates and prizes on KG Annual Day.

Graduation Ceremony

It is more than apt to celebrate Graduation at the end of 2 years of Kindergarten as the students move on to yet another new beginning in their lives. The celebration was held on 18th Feb 2017 with pomp and gusto. The convocation programme for KG -2 students began with recital of verses from the Holy Quran followed by national anthems of UAE and India. Students of KG 2 rendered a melodious prayer song that was followed by a welcome address by a teacher from KG 2. The supervisor felicitated the students for their achievements in all areas of development. Graduation certificates were awarded to the students by the Chairman,Principal and Supervisors of various sections.

"The future is looking good to me" was rendered by 160 Graduates in unison.This was very well enjoyed by the parents.Two Students of kindergarten -2 shared experiences of their 2 years of journey in kindergarten and thanked the Principal and teachers for their guidance. The memorable event ended with presentation of vote of thanks by a member of KG staff.

Action Song Competition (KG1)

Song and music in the classroom are fun and they are also powerful educational tools. Action song competition for KG -1 was organized on Feb 6th 2017. Boys and girls of KG -1 participated in the competition showing a lot of enthusiasm .They presented action songs with gentle clapping and shaking their bodies. Three students were selected from each division for their best performances .Teachers from primary sections were the judges for the competition. Prizes and certificates were awarded to the winners.

KG Day Celebrations

KG Day was celebrated on 27th January 2017. The theme for the occasion was Seasons.KG- Day celebration began with recital of Holy Quran by a student of KG-2D followed by national anthems of UAE and India. The chief guest for the day was Dr. Zita Lobo, Professor English & Chairperson General Education, RAKMHSU.
Kindergarten Choir group rendered a beautiful prayer song. A warm welcome was extended by a teacher of KG -2.The Supervisor of KG- Section presented a brief Annual Report. A simultaneous display of activity pictures done in the classrooms by students was projected for parents to view. Winners of various competitions were awarded prizes.
The cultural programme triggered off with a “Welcome dance" which was the fusion of English and Arabic tunes. “Winter Snow Flakes “,”spring is here”, “Its Summer Now”, and “Drip Drop Drip Drop”, were the dance items performed by the kids. The audiences were spellbound by the scintillating performance of the tiny tots. The highlight of the evening was the skit “Seasons in Jungle “by the little ones of kG-2. The Skit gave a message about saving trees and environment which was well - appreciated by one and all.Peppy music, appropriate settings, colorful costumes and above all the graceful performances of the kids added beauty to the evening.

Special Assembly on Christmas

Christmas is a time of festivity and fun for kids. Celebrations are important for instilling social and cultural values in children. These activities help in academic and developmental skills.A special assembly was conducted on 14th Dec 2016 on the occasion of Christmas. Students of Kindergarten performed a dance to the song “Mary's boy child, Jesus was born" which was enjoyed by kids. A student of KG-2 B came dressed as “Santa” to distribute chocolates in all classes of KG, while teachers sang carols.An important message of love and joy was spread among the children through the celebration.

Hand Writing Competition –KG 2

Hand Writing is an incredibly important exercise for children, enabling them to develop fine motor skills, confidence and their very own style.

To promote legible and beautiful hand writing among kindergarteners, Hand writing competition was conducted on 29th November 2017 for all sections of KG2. A sentence was given to copy 5 times on a paper. The children wrote the sentences legibly and with no spelling mistakes. Their work was commendable as they had written the sentences neatly and flawlessly. The winners of each division were chosen. These children would be awarded with a certificates and a prize on a special assembly day.

Colouring Competition – KG1

Colouring is important for children especially during their early years of the development. It develops hand-eye and brain coordination. It is also important for the development of aesthetic sense of children. Colouring Competition was organized on 29th November 2017 for the students of KG1 to explore and encourage their creativity. The theme of the activity was “Marine Animals”. The children drew animals and coloured them. Their work reflected the observation and imagination. Three winners from each division were chosen. The winners would be given prizes and certificates on a special assembly day.

Fun With Mom

Fun with mom, an event was organized by Kindergarten section of IPHS. It has been proved that parents’ involvement in their children’s education plays important role in the success of the children. Keeping this in view this activity was organized for KG-1 on 5th December 2016 and for KG-2 on 6th December 2016.

We, in Kindergarten, keep doing innovative things and make learning more enjoyable. One such activity was “Fun with Mom“ where Moms spent their evening doing various activities with their kids. The co-ordination between mothers and children made the event successful. This activity emphasised on working together with families to build a culture of engagement in school.Henna Art, Nail Art, Body Art, Floral Art, Food and Games like Fishing and Ball Throw centers were set up giving an opportunity for parents and children to participate in activities. Most parents visited all the centers and enjoyed the activities. It was indeed an exciting evening for all “MOMS” who spent time with their children in the school.

Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress competition was held for classes KG-1 and KG-2 on 27th October and 3rd November respectively. There were around 100 participants. Students dressed themselves as Mogli, Mother Teresa, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rajasthani woman, Japanese woman, Refugee etc. The children were judged on costume and make up, idea and presentation and confidence. The little ones impressed everyone with their confidence. The supervisor appreciated the tireless efforts of parents in encouraging their children in participating in school activities.