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KG Section Activities 2020-21

Father’s Day Celebration

16th June 2020 is celebrated as the Father’s Day. The KG students expressed their love and admiration for their dad through gifts, cards bearing heartwarming messages to celebrate the special bonding.


Environment and its importance for all living beings need to be taught for kindergarteners who are living in this digital age. There are various aspects governing the environment and one such is protecting it. One of the ways is to minimize dumping it with waste and rather reuse them to bring out something useful and productive for self and for the society.

Hence for celebrating the Environment Day that falls on the 5th June 2020 KG 2 was given an activity themed ‘Best out of the Waste’. An activity guideline was rolled out to make them understand the theme and come up with something creative from the used items lying in their household.

Wonderful was the response as there was plethora of articles made from used plastic bottles, card-boards, papers, yogurt and milk containers, pencil shavings, tins, plastic spoons, forks etc. So these ‘waiting to be discarded’ items were given a makeover and transformed into stationery holders, flower vases, showpiece items, exhibits, aquariums etc.

In addition to this activity students were also sent a song on Environment which was about ‘Save the Planet’ and students also sang and did a free hand drawing to show their solidarity towards the pledge to protect the environment.

Mother’s Day Celebration

Objective: To develop students’ personal and social development; and their Innovation skills- PS2, 2.3 Social responsibility and innovation skills.

Students at IPHS celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ with great enthusiasm and excitement. The young kindergartners were all full of happiness, emoting great love and affection for their mother. Students belonging to KG 1 and KG 2 did separate activities to as a testimony to the lovely bond they share with their mother. Teachers explained to the students the importance of this day and students exhibited Great Spirit and enthusiasm while doing the activities.