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KG Section Activities 2020-21

Virtual Republic Day Celebration –KG Section

On 26th of January Republic Day was celebrated by KG 2 where the students disguised as national leaders spoke few lines on the inspirational personalities from the Indian history. There were freedom fighters, political leaders and other eminent personalities whom the tiny tots portrayed through their speech and costume. It was wonderful to see them mouth the eminent personalities like Abdul Kalam, Bhagat Singh, Indira Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu, Pandit Nehru, Jhansi Rani, Mahatma Gandhi etc.

Through this activity it is quite evident that the kids have also got an opportunity to learn about the great leaders who have been instrumental in building the nation that is celebrating its 72nd   Republic Day.

It was also interesting to see drawings wishing ‘Happy Republic Day’ and students enthusiastically waving the Indian tricolor flag for celebrating this day of national importance.

Christmas Celebrations - KG1 & KG2

Savoring the festive season always brings joy and happiness, especially when we share it with others. On 20th of December enjoying the spirit of Yuletide and welcoming the New year with KG 1 was loaded with lot of festive spirit. For kids, Christmas is mostly synonymous with the ever affable image of Santa Claus and the Christmas tree with the shiny glittery baubles.

For the Christmas celebrations the 20th of December KG1 students were dressed up in the Santa Claus costume. Some wore caps with twinkling stars, showed their colouring work with Christmas trees, drew adorable looking snow man. It was also an opportunity to show craft work reflecting the symbols associated with Christmas namely Christmas tree, stars etc.

After the snack session several talents also came forth as couple of them took part in singing, dancing enthusiastically with their favourite dolls, toys, which totally enlivened the atmosphere. Those celebrating Christmas had a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with glittering lights as a backdrop which added to the cheerful spirit of the season.

The Jingle bells chimed wonderfully during the get-together session with KG 1 students wishing for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

​​As part of the Christmas and New Year celebrations a Drawing and Colouring competition was conducted for the students of KG2 on 22nd December. The idea was to bring out the creativity, colouring skills, fine motor skills of the students. The topic was to draw and colour a greeting on an A4 size paper for Christmas and New year. Students did wonderfully well. The aim of the competition is also to acknowledge the talents and felicitate as a way to motivate them.

The two hour session also included snack time, singing, dancing, listening to stories to understand the joy of celebrating Christmas and welcoming the New year. Students after the competition and relishing their snacks enjoyed these programs with their friends. Some of them even shared their plans of their celebrations and were quite excited about it.  It was a very happy and colourful session as most of them donned red colour caps and costume resembling Santa  Claus accompanied with Christmas trees that were brightly lit and decorated with shining baubles, stars, strings of lights, garlands adding to the positive vibes.

Apart from exchanging greetings for Christmas and New Year, the little ones sang songs, danced with lot of joy, spread the camaraderie and some of them showcased their talents by playing musical instruments like guitar and piano.

Virtual UAE National Day Celebration (KG Section)

UAE National day is celebrated on 2nd December, 2020. KG had planned couple of activities to celebrate this occasion with lot of enthusiasm. Students were asked to share their travel experiences in UAE and the places they have visited. Reminiscence of their visit were shared through the photographs. Miracle Garden, Dubai Frame, Burj Khalifa, Parks, Zoo, Jebel Jais were examples of the landmarks that students excitedly shared about.

Other activities were drawing and colouring, dance apart from showcasing props and accessories in the UAE flag colours. Students exhibited outfits in red, green, white or green or all colours through their collars, gowns and accessories. There were also craft items like paper cups and ships. It was wonderful to see the level of involvement by the students to make this celebration very special. The dance items for the Emirati songs added to the celebratory tone for the day.

For the drawing and colouring activity examples resemblant of the country such as costume, Palm Jumeirah, Desert, camels, Burj Khalifa, Emirati costumes, Date trees etc were shown.

A video collage from all the classes was also planned out which reflects various topics resounding the culture, ambitions, values of UAE such as cuisine, space launch programmes and achievements, Emirati dance numbers, UAE Currency, and the seven Emirates.

Children’s Day and Diwali Celebration
(KG Section)

On 12th November 2020 the students of  KG  had another reason to rejoice as they looked forward to enjoy a couple of activities that were lined up for celebrating Children’s day and Diwali that were due on the 14th November. The activities were action song, story time, snack time and their much loved drawing and colouring activity.

The students enthusiastically participated in the Action Song which was sung in three different languages A couple of them also used props while performing. Some of them dressed up as Chacha Nehru a.k.a Jawaharlal Nehru whose birthday is celebrated as Children’s day.

This was also accompanied by visuals on the significance of Children’s Day. There was snack time for them to relish on and engage in casual banter with their classmates. There was story time too before they got busy with drawing and colouring activity – a mix of strokes and colours with the greeting ‘Happy Diwali’.

UAE Flag Day Celebration (KG Section)

UAE Flag Day is celebrated on the 3rd November, 2020. For the virtual celebration on this day KG students were dressed up in UAE Flag colour dress for the occasion. Some of them also wore matching accessories, carried balloons, wore wigs, caps, face paintings, and waved flags so joyfully paying tribute to the iconic symbol of the nation – the UAE flag with red, green, white and black colours each carrying a special significance on its own.

The students were explained about this day’s importance and as part of the Flag Day celebration a drawing and colouring activity of the UAE flag was completed by them.

Virtual Kerala Day Celebration (KG Section)

Kerala Day or Kerala Piravi was celebrated on 2nd November, 2020. Students attended the class in ethnic wear and they were shown videos on Kerala state, culture, tradition etc and explained about the importance of Kerala Piravi. Students from the native state of Kerala were asked to share their experiences and favourite aspects about the state.

Costume Day (KG Section)

Costume Day for KG1 was held on 15th October 2020 and KG2 was held on 28th October, 2020. An idea, an expression, a dream, a touch of respect – it was all – The costume day showcased a mix of themes and it turned out vibrantly successful. On that day the students were not those belonging to lower and upper kindergarteners but – summer seasonal fruits, fairies, astronaut, farmer, Google search engine, mother earth, nature, warriors, zoo animals, and also a couple of doctors, engineers, teachers and chefs. Some students also presented Emirati Culture through their costume.

The students were in variety of costumes and projected their thoughts through simple sentences about it. They delved into the character very well as they also used props to add value to what they were putting up.

It was a wonderful showcase of talents and enthusiastic participation by the students made it certainly memorable – something to rewind during the long weekend that was coming up.


KG1 Colouring Competition was conducted on 27th September 2020. The main objective of the competition was to develop and encourage the creativity of the minds and offer them a platform to showcase their sound colouring skills.


Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on the 2nd of October and KG section did an activity to mark this important occasion and remember this prominent figure who has also been instrumental for August 15 – the day that marks the Independence Day for India.

Gandhiji is also known as ‘Father of our Nation’ a visionary and is also known for several prolific changes that he brought about and they are captured in history. By means of the activity students were explained about some of them namely the charkha or the importance of spinning wheel, Swachh Bharat  – concept of sanitation, and of course Independence for India.

The students did a drawing and coloring activity based on these ideologies that are synonymous with Mahatma Gandhi and they caught a glimpse of these through the activity that was dedicated for the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

90th National Day of Saudi Arabia Celebration –KG Section

KG-2 Teachers’ Day Activity

5th September 2020 is celebrated as the Teachers’ Day in India. Since it was a holiday, activity for teachers’ day was planned for the next day. The students were made to understand the significance of teacher’s day.

Students from KG 2 were engaged in their favourite activity for their beloved teachers during their live sessions on the next day. It was a drawing and colouring activity. They were shown samples for guidance. They were free to draw pictures of their interest and creativity based on Teachers Day. They brought out their best through their work.

Balloons flying in the air, sketches of their visualization of a teacher, flowers, hearts, flower vase on a table with books and pens, cakes, candies were some of their creations to exhibit their love for their teacher at such a tender age.

It was a testimony how children utilize their creative freedom in order to happily express themselves. Students were happy to send their work of art to their teachers who are the reason to celebrate a very noble profession!


On September 2nd  term 2 began for KG 2 in a grand festive mood as the students attended their first day of their live sessions after summer vacations in their traditional or ethnic wear and with the festival Onam just got over the students got an opportunity to celebrate Onam with their peers by sharing their experience and also enjoyed a drawing and colouring activity that was planned for them. The students enjoyed the session with a mix of singing, dancing, sharing the mirth and gaiety that is always a part and parcel of any celebration – that being on the opening day of term 2 was an additional enjoyment.

Chit Chat Café –KG Section

As a final wrap up to mark the end of 3 months of E-Learning KG 2 conducted a chit chat session yesterday for the students. The live sessions so far witnessed academic inputs and outputs and students were totally involved in the learning process.

The live session on July 5, 2020 was a tad different as it provided a platform for them to indulge in a lot of camaraderie, greetings, wishes, laughter, applause and amazing show of talent.

Dancing, singing, skipping, showcase of colouring skills, costume show, rhymes, casual banter – it was a total package of all good rollicking fun and much needed mingling with their fellow classmates. All along it was lively, exuberant and enjoyable.

Father’s Day Celebration

16th June 2020 is celebrated as the Father’s Day. The KG students expressed their love and admiration for their dad through gifts, cards bearing heartwarming messages to celebrate the special bonding.


Environment and its importance for all living beings need to be taught for kindergarteners who are living in this digital age. There are various aspects governing the environment and one such is protecting it. One of the ways is to minimize dumping it with waste and rather reuse them to bring out something useful and productive for self and for the society.

Hence for celebrating the Environment Day that falls on the 5th June 2020 KG 2 was given an activity themed ‘Best out of the Waste’. An activity guideline was rolled out to make them understand the theme and come up with something creative from the used items lying in their household.

Wonderful was the response as there was plethora of articles made from used plastic bottles, card-boards, papers, yogurt and milk containers, pencil shavings, tins, plastic spoons, forks etc. So these ‘waiting to be discarded’ items were given a makeover and transformed into stationery holders, flower vases, showpiece items, exhibits, aquariums etc.

In addition to this activity students were also sent a song on Environment which was about ‘Save the Planet’ and students also sang and did a free hand drawing to show their solidarity towards the pledge to protect the environment.

Mother’s Day Celebration

Objective: To develop students’ personal and social development; and their Innovation skills- PS2, 2.3 Social responsibility and innovation skills.

Students at IPHS celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ with great enthusiasm and excitement. The young kindergartners were all full of happiness, emoting great love and affection for their mother. Students belonging to KG 1 and KG 2 did separate activities to as a testimony to the lovely bond they share with their mother. Teachers explained to the students the importance of this day and students exhibited Great Spirit and enthusiasm while doing the activities.