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KG Section Activities 2022-23


GERMINATION OF SEEDS ACTIVITY: – In connection with the plants topic in EVS subject students were taught about the process of seed germination of plants – the very lifeline and central feature of the environment we live in. Students were assigned this project where the activity was explained to them. Students were excited to submit their activity where they actually learnt practically about this interesting process called seed germination. They used mustard seeds, coriander seeds, green gram, tomato seeds for this activity.

Students also learnt about various uses of plants and trees and how they are important not only to human beings but also to other important living beings like animals and birds.


Environment and its importance for all living beings need to be taught for kindergarteners who are living in this digital age. There are various aspects governing the environment and one such is protecting it. One of the ways is to minimize dumping it with ‘waste’ and rather reuse them to bring out something useful and productive for self and for the society.

Hence for celebrating the Environment Day that falls on the 5th of June KG 2 did an activity themed ‘Best out of the Waste’. The objective is to come up with something creative/useful/decorative from the waste items lying in their household.

They were made from used plastic bottles, cardboards, papers, yogurt and milk containers, tapes, pencil shavings, kernels of pistachios, water bottles, ice cream sticks, newspapers, plastic covers, tins, egg cartons, plastic spoons, forks, CDs etc. So these ‘waiting to be discarded’ items were given a makeover and transformed into stationery holders, flower vases, letter pads showpiece items, exhibits, aquariums etc.

There was an exhibit of these items and it was a stepping stone for students learn about conserving environment through meaningful and sensible ways.

KG 1 students were also invited to visit the exhibit and marvel at all those amazing items that were put out for display.


Dates – Celebration of the ubiquitous and one of the very relevant symbols of UAE’S ethinicity happened on June 2, 2022 by the KG 2 department. Students brought a variety of dates – in various sizes and textures as part of the dates festival – Sawafi, Barhi, Aiwa, Khudri, Noor, Medjool, Zahidi to name a few.

Many types of dates were neatly packed and brought by the students were neatly arranged on the tables and decorated. There were also key information on the nutritious benefits of dates, chart on various date varieties available in UAE. Students were also asked to bring dates as part of their tiffin as a reminder to enjoying the richness of this national fruit of UAE


KG 2 enjoyed a Fruit Salad Day on Thursday,May 26, 2022. This was in connection with the topic ‘Fruits’ in their Environmental Studies Subject.  Students learnt and understood about various delicious Fruits, many seeded, single seeded fruits.

For Fruit salad day Students were asked to bring cut fruits of their choice. Discussions took place on the fruits that they have brought. They relished them during the recess time. They also talked about the colourful fruits they had in their bowl while also applying the knowledge they had gathered on the subject topic.They also listened to stories, songs on importance of Fruits – one of Nature’s precious gifts to mankind. This activity was conducted as a step to inculcate healthy habits in children and to make them understand the benefits of eating healthy over unhealthy junk food.


Nurturing healthy habits in young children is one of the pivotal roles of education. As much as it is important to learn and gain knowledge it is significant to apply and practice in our day to day life. In connection with this KG 2 enjoyed Vegetable Day on Thursday May 19, 2022.

For this activity students were asked to bring vegetables as allotted to them. This is to ensure learning about various vegetables and  the categories they belong to. This was an extended learning apart from what they have learned from textbook. This would better the chances of their understanding about these vibrant, healthy vegetables. Hence a mini vegetable stall was set up in the class room with students excitedly exploring and discussing about them.

 They also learnt a rhyme on vegetables which explained about various sizes, shapes, colours- one of Nature’s precious gifts to mankind. It also paved way for cross – curricular link to numeracy subject where concepts like thick and thin, long and short were discussed. This activity was conducted as a step to inculcate healthy habits in children and to make them understand the benefits of eating healthy.


Parent teacher meeting was conducted for KG section on 12th May,2022

IPHS Day @ IPHS -KG Section

36TH Founder’s Day at IPHS was celebrated on May 9, 2022. As part of the celebration students made wonderful greetings cards to show their love for IPHS. It was in various sizes, decorations carrying heart warming messages, drawings and pictures for their school.


Earth is a planet but also a very important secure, habitable place for the living things. It is vital to protect and nurture the place we belong to. There should never be a time where it on the brink of destruction and when it becomes too late to do anything about it. We are at a time where we are bombarded with threats related to acute climatic changes because of various reasons related to the carelessness and irresponsible attitude of mankind. Hence it is pivotal that schools educate the student community about these and nurture responsible outlook towards saving the planet Earth.

Kindergarten students are taken no exception to taking this positive step on Earth Day where students were taught about planet Earth, the immense benefits enjoyed by us and some of the basic steps we can follow from home like saving water, avoiding unnecessary use of electricity etc. These in simple terms to enable them understand and an initiative towards Earth Day.

On Earth day, as part of an activity students as a symbolic way to show their love towards earth, a heart shape cut out was taken and they coloured it resembling Earth – which is in hues of blue and green. They enthusiastically participated in this activity to show their love for the very place that provides sustenance.

Ramadan and Eid Activity (KG SECTION)

April 2nd marked the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. Students submitted crescent and stars art and craft. They were various sizes and decorated beautifully using glitters, flowers, coloured cotton balls, glitter sheets, paper bits, stars etc. They were also Ramadan greetings from students made with chart and paper.

As Eid will be which will be towards the end of Ramadan separate activity was also done., As part of Eid Activity , Lantern shape was cut with various colour papers and a golden / silver star was attached to that. The lantern was decorated in several places and it was a take away craft work for the students.


An Orientation programme was conducted for the parents of KG students for the academic year 2022-23 using Zoom platform on Friday, 8th April 2022.