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Middle Section Activities 2019-20

IPHS participates in Volunteer Campaign Hulailah Beach @ RAK

IPHS students participated in Volunteer Campaign to clean Hulailah Beach as a part of RAK GREEN SCHOOL Programme initiated by Public Services Department (RAK) on Saturday, 23rd November 2019.

Teachers Mrs. Leeba and Mrs. Divya Jojy of Science Department and a few students of Middle Section took part in Beach Cleanup Campaign.


The joy of dreaming, creating and expressing your thoughts by drawing and painting is unparalleled. Digital painting is an emerging art form in which traditional painting techniques are applied using digital tools by means of a computer. On 27th October 2019, students of classes V-VI and on 28th October 2019, students of classes VII-VIII displayed their artistic skills in the “Digital Painting” competition finals. The topic given for classes V-VI was “Diwali” whereas for classes VII & VIII, the topic was “Eid/ Christmas”. The final artworks were amazing as the children had let their imagination run wild and created absolute magic.

Warm up your fingers by typing text- “Fast Fingers” was another IT competition held to identify and award the fastest typists among students of classes VII and VIII on 29th October 2019.  A sample text with a specific format was given, which was to be typed by the students in the given time using MSWord. Students participated with lot of excitement and enthusiasm.

Sharjah International Book Fair 2019

On 3rd November 2019, students of IPHS of class VIII visited the International Book Fair organized at Expo Center, Sharjah. They were escorted by two teachers. The students toured the pavilions of the exhibition and were briefed on the latest publications offered by publishing houses. The pavilion amply decorated with colorful posters and rows of books catering to diverse tastes. Wide range of books of all literary genres was displayed in the book fair. Particular attention was focused on the high technology devices and applications that assist book lovers across the world. Students enjoyed both the traditional reading ware and contemporary devices that were on display. They also actively participated in the activities held on the sidelines of the exhibition. Students came back laden with fiction and non-fiction reading material.




  • Objective: Familiarize students about the importance of UAE FLAG and develop National Spirit.
  • Increase awareness relating to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

On 3rd November 2019 IPHS celebrated UAE Flag day. On account of this, UAE FLAG MODEL MAKING COMPETITION was organized for the students of classes VI to VIII, it was an individual work. Students were informed 15 days prior about the rules of the competition, main criteria of the competition was the usage of recycled materials.

The display of the UAE FLAG MODELS was on 3rd November, students brought creative models which highlighted their knowledge about the UAE flag and it’s colours. Models showed the effective transformation of recycled materials into a creative model and raised awareness among other students about the importance of the flag and effective usage of recycled materials.

Overall the student’s participation in the competition showed their love and respect towards the country, the UAE. It gave message to make our environment an eco-friendly zone.

World Food Day @ IPHS

World Food Day is a day of action dedicated to tackling global hunger held annually on 16th October. As a part of it Poster Making was conducted on 16th October 2019 by class VIII students.

Reading Week Activity – Middle Section

The Reading Week Program from 15th September to 19th September 2019 comprised of various activities by the students of classes VI & VII. Students donated book to the Library, Prepared Charts, Booklets, Posters and wrote slogans and quotes. The program enlightened the students on the ‘Importance of Reading’

International Day Against Drug Abuse @ IPHS

The International Day Against Drug Abuse is a United Nations International Day against drug abuse and the illegal drug trade. It is observed annually on 26 June, since 1989.

The day as an event is celebrated worldwide with much conscious fervor to make people aware and emphasize the hazards of drug addiction. At IPHS Middle Section observed this day and  the message was clear in imparting to students on continue to improve the lives of everyone blighted by drug abuse by integrating security and public safety with a heightened focus on health and human rights. Children of grade 6th, 7th and 8th prepared various slogans and posters related to this day. Students presented power point imparting their views of this day.

Health Education @ IPHS

IPHS conducted an awareness discussion on “Importance of Self Grooming”. It was conducted on 15th May & 21st May 2019 for class VI girls on Puberty & Personal Hygiene.

Visit to Geriatric Hospital

Children have the potential to change the future and if they are sensitized at the right time, then they can prove to be an asset for the nation. Keeping the same notion in mind, the students of class VIII on 2nd May 2019 were taken to the Geriatric ward of Saif Hospital. The intention behind this was to inculcate the feeling of empathy, love, care and compassion towards the family as well as the community.