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Primary Section Activities 2017-18

Action Song Competition - CLASS I

Song and music in the class room are fun and they are also powerful educational tools. An action Song Competition was conducted for class I on 14th & 15th of January 2018. Students participated in the competition enthusiastically. It was indeed a feast to all the senses to watch the performances. The results were announced in the assembly and the winners were awarded with certificates by their section supervisors.

Christmas Celebration @ IPHS

A special assembly was conducted by Primary Section students as a part of Christmas Celebration on 12th December 2017.

IPHS students perform at the Studio of Radio Asia

Students of IPHS performed as Radio Jockeys in Radio Asia Studio,RAK on Children’s Day 14th November 2017.

Juniors’ Day Celebration

The campus of IPHS glittered with jubilation and delight on 10.11.17 as it was the occasion of Juniors’ Day Celebration. The chief guest of the function was Dr. Maragatham Sellamuthu Kannan, Associate Professor, RAK College of Nursing. RAKMHSU. The Chairman Mr. Reji Skariah, the Principal, Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, Vice Principal, Dr. Annamma Mathew, Supervisors were present. The programme commenced at 5 p.m with the recital of Holy Quran followed by the UAE and India’s National Anthem. Primary section Annual Report was read by the supervisor Mrs. Shammy Santhosh. The annual report encapsulated the achievements and accomplishments of the students as well as school for the year 2016- 17. Proficiency certificates were awarded to those excelling in academics. The cultural extravaganza showcased the talent of juniors. It started with the scintillating welcome dance followed by a variety of performances. The students enthralled the audience with their mesmerizing performance. The vibrant songs, colourful costumes and synchronization filled the air with liveliness. The programme culminated with a happy note.

IPHS participates in 46th National Day Celebration

Indian Public High School has participated for the 46th U.A.E National Day Celebration at M.O.E, RAK on 27th November 2017 and at Post Office, RAK on 28th November 2017. The students of class IV participated by performing INDO-ARAB FUSION dance. The theme of the dance was to show gratitude and unity among both the countries. They were appreciating our students and teachers for their performance. They concluded by expecting the same for upcoming years too.


On 29th October, 2017 an educational trip was organized for class III students to Desert Oasis Nursery, Ras Al Khaimah. Plant Nursery has a wide range of quality plants,trees, and shrubs. It has the largest selection of varieties of Fruit Trees, Forest Trees, Tropical Palms, Local Date Palms, Seasonal Flowers, Ornamental Shrubs, Climbers and many more. Ms. Mindal, who is in charge of Desert Oasis Nursery explained about the different varieties of plant.The students enjoyed a lot and the trip was informative and interesting.

Spell Bee Competition

Spellings are an integral part of any language. It helps to cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters. To encourage students to spell correctly, SPELL BEE COMPETITION was conducted for the classes I-V on September 19, 2017. A variety of assessment techniques were used. Three question papers assessing dictation words, Unscrambling words to form new words and tick the correct spellings were given. Children enthusiastically took part in the competition. They competed with each other to spell the words correctly.

Distribution of Iftar Kits by IPHS students

“Giving is Caring and Sharing”

Distribution of Iftar Kits by the students of Primary Section on June 17, 2017. 150 packets were packed by the students of class V and distributed.

Workshop on Art @ IPHS

Steam For Kids conducted a workshop on Art & Craft, Drawing Tips, Hands-on learning live experiments for the students of IPHS. Art and Craft Workshop was for KG to Class IV students. It featured Animation Play, Alphabet and Number Doodling as well. Easy drawing tips were given for the students and the teachers as well.

Educational Trip to RAK Museum

The students of class IV got a chance to attend a session on History of Pearl Farming in Ras Al Khaimah National Museum on May 22, 23 & 24 2017. Two classes per day attended the pearl farming session. The students got an opportunity to explore the history of pearl farming in Ras Al Khaimah. The students had given a guided tour of the ethnographic and natural history galleries. They were given a chance to participate in an object handling and question answer session. The session was concluded with a craft activity where the students could able to create their own oyster shell and pearls using air dry clay. It was a wonderful experience for the students.


Colouring helps aesthetic development, fine motor skills, expressing and learning emotions, self expression and speech. It is an art to express what one feels and thinks. It helps a child practice holding a writing tool the correct way and aids in developing the tiny muscles in their hands, fingers and wrists. It aids in hand-eye coordination, develop the skill of patience and learn to focus on details. Colouring Competition was conducted on May 23, 2017 for the classes I & II and all the students participated with great enthusiasm. The theme was selected by the Art Teacher Mrs. Vrinda and evaluated by Mrs. Shaheen Akhtar. Winners were awarded certificates in their assembly.

IPHS shine in Annual National Mathematics Olympiad – 2017

Annual Mathematics Olympiad contest organized by All India School Teachers’ Association was held in January 2017. The objectives were to stimulate enthusiasm & a love for Mathematics & to provide the satisfaction, joy & thrill of meeting challenges. Eleven (11) genius from classes I, II & III, scored above 90% marks & were awarded with medals & certificates of recognition. Special appreciation for Miss. Aparna Rejith of class IVA & Master. Ryan Thomas Rajesh of class IIIE for their outstanding performance for the Third & Second consecutive years respectively. Hearty congratulations for all the winners & the teachers.

“World Book Day” Celebration-Characters Parade

The Primary Section celebrated the world book day on 27th April 2017 in a unique manner. Students of classes I and II dressed themselves as their favourite characters from different stories that they had read. Classes III and IV and the teachers assembled in the school ground and the classes moved one by one in a parade. The best classes were awarded with prizes by the judges on the basis of variety and the number of characters. In Class I category first prize was won by class IE and second position by class IC. In Class II category class II D was the winner.

The Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, the Primary Section Supervisor Mrs. Shammy Santhosh encouraged the students and praised them for the efforts taken by their parents to mark the importance of the “World Book Day”. The colourful parade was a memorable experience to the IPHS tiny tots. This has enabled them to learn more about the importance of reading and to motivate them to read more.

Dental Checkup 2017-18

Dental Checkup for the students of classes I-III was conducted on 19th and 24th April , 2017 by RAK Dental College in the school campus.


The class V students of IPHS were taken to “Al Haboos Arts and Folks Society” for the field trip as a part of World Heritage Day on April 18, 2017. They were accompanied by their subject teachers. It helped them to understand the life of Ancient Arabs, their Culture and Tradition.

Global Health Awareness Programme

The World Health Day, a Global Health Awareness day observed every year on 7th April by WHO, was celebrated in our school campus by the Primary Section of the school in a unique way imparting the message to the young ones, “A Sound Body Has a Sound Mind”.
As part of the celebrations, the little ones of the school, grades 1 to v, along with the Principal, Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, Primary Section Supervisor, Mrs. Shammy Santhosh, and teachers, took part in Mass Drill. Followed by it, there was a display of balanced diet table in each class with the support of respective class teachers, and they emphasized the importance of balanced diet, healthy eating habits, and physical activities such as sports and exercises. The highlight of the event was the noble deed of the little ones, giving their share of fruits, vegetables and dairy products to the school house keeping staff, fulfilling the UAE THEME OF THE YEAR -2017 as the ‘YEAR OF GIVING’.
In the end, the principal and the section supervisor thanked the teachers and the little ones for making the day the healthiest day of IPHS, RAK.

Orientation Programme – Class I & II

Parents play a prominent role in promoting the personal development and academic success of a child. For this reason IPHS designed and executed an Orientation Programme for the parents of students of Class I and II on 30th March, 2017 at 5:30 pm in the school premises. The programme began with the introductory talk by Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan. The Principal introduced the class teachers and explained the policies of ministry of education and school regarding academics, attendance, transportation, health and safety of students. Principal encouraged parents to join hands in all the efforts of the school for the all round development of children.
Principal’s talk was followed by an awareness talk by the school Social worker and student counselor Mrs. Bitty Devasia. Parents were appraised about the special educational care provided by school to the special needs children. This session was followed by an interactive session between parents and class teachers of Class I in which teachers explained the various points regarding academics and non academics. The session ended by 7 p.m.