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School Activities 2020-21

Virtual Republic Day Celebration (I-XII)

Aqdar E-Safety Awareness Activity

As part of the Aqdar E-safety school program, IPHS conducted E-Safety awareness sessions to highlight its importance for the students from Grade 1 to 12 through various lesson modules and activities.

Christmas Celebrations (I-XII)

Martyrs’ Day / Commemoration Day

Commemoration Day or Martyrs’ Day is marked annually on November 30 in the United Arab Emirates, recognizing the sacrifices and dedication of Emirati martyrs who have given their lives in the UAE and abroad in the field of civil, military, and humanitarian service.

IPHS commemorates the honor and loyalty of its martyrs, in recognition of the sacrifices they made for their country, in the memory of its sons who have given their lives to keep the flag of the UAE flying high.

The flag was reduced to half on this day since the morning. At 11:30 AM a minute of silence was observed in the online class, later to which at 11:31 AM the flag was hoisted in the school campus by Admin Department.

Virtual UAE National Day Celebration (I-XII)

National Bullying Prevention Week

As per the MOE directive, the Anti-bullying week was observed from 15th November 2020 to 21st November 2020. Awareness conducted for teachers, students, parents, and admin staff using Counselor guide.

World Children’s Day (KG & Grade I-III)

World Children’s day is celebrated on 20th November 2020. It is a very special day remembering the importance of child rights – towards education, nutrition, healthcare, safety etc. On November 19, 2020. Students wore a blue colour dress to celebrate World Children’s day as blue is the colour code to show support to child rights.

Some students wore accessories, waved blue colour balloons and even used props or set up their background using decorations in blue colour to show solidarity.

It is a day for the children and audiovisuals including videos and songs were used to shed light on the significance of World Children’s Day that is pivotal in improving the welfare of the children worldwide.

Children’s Day and Diwali Celebration (I-XII)

World Science Day Celebration at IPHS

IPHS celebrated World Science Day, 2020 with great enthusiasm and vigor. This year Classes 6-12 participated in the virtual celebration during the assembly and Science period.

The objective of this celebration was to spread a message about the importance of Science in our everyday life.

Children were excited to participate in the activities which included speeches, Powerpoint presentations, science quizzes, performing live home experiments, etc.

The celebrations were organized by the Department of Science and the event helped in arousing curiosity and scientific attitudes in young minds.

As the famous quote of Edwin Powell Hubble goes;

“Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.”

UAE Flag Day Celebration (I-XII)

Virtual Investiture Ceremony- The Crowning Glory

The virtual Investiture Ceremony on 1st November 2020 was a memorable day for the leader of IPHS. Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, addressed the leaders and wished them luck for their duties and responsibilities.

The leaders were conferred badges and sashes for their respective titles. Master K.S. Sathya Narayanan of Class XII A was declared as the Head Boy and Miss Krishna Reji of Class XII B as the Head Girl. The other leaders of the student council were honored by their parents on a virtual platform. The elected prefects of Grade VI to XII were given badges by their parents.

The oath-taking ceremony was done by Head Boy K.S. Sathya Narayanan and was done on behalf of all the leaders as the reassurance of their duties and responsibilities. Passing the candle symbolized peace, harmony, knowledge, sacrifice, and growth and was passed by all the office bearers to show that they will perform their responsibilities as trusted by the school and was passed by the former Head Boy Master Joel Mathew Sumod to the incumbent Head Boy Master K.S. Sathya Narayanan. The ceremony concluded with a speech by the Head Girl.

Virtual Kerala Day Celebration (I-XII)


As part of the E-School framework by the Ministry of Education, the cybersecurity awareness sessions were conducted for the students from Grade VI to Grade XII during the P.E. Period from 26th September to 1st October 2020. The sessions were led by the student council member of each class. Mrs. Bitty Devasia, Counsellor, and Mrs. Swati Pawar, IT Incharge were present during this session.

Cyber Security Awareness and Parental Control-Stirling University

Cyber Security Awareness and Parental Control was conducted for the parents of Grade 1 and Grade 2 students on 10th October 2020 and for the parents of Grade 9 to 12 was on 17th October 2020. Resource Persons of the webinar were Mr. Ajai Victor, IT Manager, University of Stirling, RAK and Ms. Archana Pandita, Program Director, Department of Computing, University of Stirling, RAK.

Cyber Security Awareness and Parental Control- Bolton University

Cyber Security Awareness and Parental Control were conducted for the parents of Grade 5 and 6 on 8th October 2020 and the parents of Grade 3, 4, 7, and Grade 8 students on 15th October 2020. Resource Persons of the webinar was Ms. Ibtisam Yakub Mogul, Senior Lecturer/ATHE & Internship Coordinator, University of Bolton, RAK.


To commemorate the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Students of IPHS showcased several activities and programs that were reminiscent of the ‘Father of the Nation’. A couple of virtual programs like special assembly, debate, poster making, craft making took the centre stage as a token of tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.

Reading Week Activity @ IPHS

The reading week was observed from 8th to 14th of September 2020. The reading week was organized for the students of classes I to X. The main objective of this activity was to emphasize the importance of reading in one’s life and to inculcate the reading habit in students. All the students enthusiastically participated in the activity.

Activities like E-reading, storytelling sessions,  reading coursebooks and moral stories,  telling book reviews, and many more were held. The reading week filled with activities came to an end with lots of success stories and accomplishments. It was indeed an enriching and fun-filled week for all the students.

90th National Day of Saudi Arabia Celebration –Activity @ IPHS

Virtual 90th National Day of Saudi Arabia Celebration was conducted on 24th September 2020.


On the occasion of the Teachers Day celebration, the students of classes XII were given an opportunity to enact the role of teachers in different classes during the first four periods performing their duties well. Students conducted online classes for students from Grade VI to Grade IX through ZOOM App. Overall it was a wonderful session and students took an active part in it.

COVID 19 Test at IPHS

Covid 19 test for staff and their spouse on 18th August 2020, and for all the students (above 12 years) and their parents was organized at IPHS on 26th August 2020. The test was conducted for students who had opted for Face to Face mode of learning.

Face to Face Sessions start for Grade 9 to 12

Face to Face Sessions start for Grade 9 to 12 on 6th September 2020.


Disinfection practices are important to reduce the potential for COVID-19 virus contamination in non-healthcare settings, such as schools. Every area in the school premises has been subject to deep disinfection on a timely basis.

Importance to health and well-being remains the fulcrum, especially in this pandemic situation. The second round of thorough disinfection of high-touch surfaces identified such as door and window handles, countertops, bathroom surfaces, toilets and taps, touchscreen personal devices, personal computer keyboards, and work surfaces were carried out at IPHS school on the 3rd of September.


Cleaning and Disinfection tasks of frequently touched surfaces during the school hours on 30th August 2020.


Sanitization and disinfection activity was carried out on Thursday 27th August 2020 at IPHS premises covering every Class rooms, Staff rooms, Corridors, Restrooms, Labs, Library, Clinics, and Admin Office as per the required standards.

Open House (KG-XII)

Open House conducted in the month of June and July for classes KG to XII.


The student council organized a class on “Cyber Safety” for its members on Saturday, 11th July 2020 on ZOOM App from 10 a.m to 11 a.m. Ms. Carol Mathias, Senior Lecturer, and Counsellor, RAKMHSU was the resource person.

Head Boy Master. Sathya Narayanan welcomed the guest and student council members. Ms. Carol explained about Cybersafety, the forms of cyberbullying and how to deal with it, identify theft, computer virus, Plagiarism, and keeping safe on the internet. It was an interactive session and all students participated actively. Assistant Head Girl, Fathima Fida thanked the guest. Principal, Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, Counsellor Mrs. Bitty Devasia, Student Council Coordinators Mr. Sunil and Mrs. Reena were present during the session.


Talent Show & Virtual Class Party was conducted on 2nd July 2020 for classes IV to XII. It marked the conclusion of 3 months of rigorous E-Learning and the beginning of the much-awaited summer vacation. The students enjoyed a good dose of entertainment as they displayed a variety of talents from singing, painting, cooking, dancing, playing instruments, etc. and also got an opportunity to mingle with their dear classmates as they enjoyed a wonderful party time together.

Workshop on ‘Well-being – Student Council

The student council organized a workshop on ‘Well-being’ for its members on Saturday, 27th June 2020 on ZOOM App.

Dr. Pratheeksha Shetty, Psychologist, RAK Hospital was the resource person.

Head Boy, Master Sathya Narayanan welcomed the guest and student council members. Principal, Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, welcomed and addressed the guest and also spoke about well-being and mental health during this present situation.

Dr. Pratheeksha Shetty explained the following topics to the students as Understanding well-being, Threats to well-being, Well-being strategies, and the role of SCM. It was an interactive session and all students participated actively.

Principal, Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, Counsellor Mrs. Bitty Devasia, Student Council Co-ordinators Mr. Sunil and Mrs. Reena were present during the session.

Surveys- Well Being (Grade 6 to 12) &
Cyber Safety Survey – Grade 4 & 5

Objective– A survey on student well – being was conducted for the students of Grade 6 to 12 to identify the stress and anxiety during this pandemic situation.

A survey was conducted for Grade 4 and 5 to assess the awareness level of students on Cyber Safety.


Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline, including breath control, meditation, and adopting bodily postures, which is widely practiced for health, happiness, harmony, and relaxation. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness and is a great gift to give to children.

To celebrate the Sixth International Yoga Day, Indian Public High School, organized a Virtual Yoga presentation for the IPHS community on Thursday, 21st & 22nd June 2020

Students, Parent Council representatives, Staff were involved in the session. Principal, Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan presented a recorded welcome speech and highlighted the importance and Wellness of Yoga. It was followed by the ‘YOG GEET’ by the students, which created a soothing atmosphere. The Yoga instructors of the day were Yoga teacher, Mrs. Susmitha Sunil, IPHS PE instructors Mr. Sajesh and Mr. Premjith.

The benefits of the postures were narrated by the Yoga teachers simultaneously as participants performed with the instructions. Common Yoga Protocol was shown to all students in their respective classrooms. The duration of the presentation was 45 minutes in which the breathing exercises and the main asanas were explained and demonstrated. These asanas were taught to bring about holistic development to health and mental well-being especially among the students. It was a successful live session where students participated with enthusiasm.


OBJECTIVE: Create awareness on the covid 19 preventive measures.

Prevention is better than cure.

During the outbreak of a Pandemic disease like Covid 19, everyone should have knowledge about the preventive measures of the disease.

In the 1st week of June, UAE SST subject related activities were given to the students of classes from III to IX on the following topics:

Classes III to V –‘Stay home Stay safe’

Classes VI to IX- ‘Covid 19 – Preventive measures’ (Poster making)

The main objective to plan these activities was to create awareness about the spread of the disease and educate the students about the preventive measures to be taken in order to stay safe.

A week’s time was given to the students for submission. Students made visually appealing and creative posters that showed their knowledge and awareness about the pandemic. Their works are appreciative and informative.

Value: Responsibility and care.


The formation of the student council for the academic year 2020-2021 was done by various procedures. The initial procedure or step one was done by selecting nominees on 3rd June 2020 and was shared in the class by the class teacher in the virtual classroom for Grade VI – Grade XII. The E-election was done through the preparation of an E-Ballot sheet using Google form by the class teacher. The result sheet was generated and was shared with the students using the zoom app. All students actively participated in this election to choose their class prefects.

Environment Day

The theme for World Environment Day 2020 was ‘Time for Nature,’ with a focus on its role in providing the essential infrastructure that supports life on earth and human development. The Environmental Studies & Social Science department of IPHS organized a couple of activities on 4th & 5th June 2020. Students prepared E-Charts, Posters, PowerPoint Presentations, and Speech modeled on the theme for Environment Day.

Pray for Humanity – We are together

The UAE unites the people of the world for the Thursday Prayer to end Coronavirus. The Ministry of Education invited to participate in praying for humanity on Thursday, 14th May 2020 by filming or posting Pray for Humanity.

A video presentation shared for classes IV to XII to show our solidarity with the Nation.

Awareness on Mental Health and Well –Being

A virtual awareness class on Mental Health and Well-Being was conducted for the students of grades VI, VII, and VIII by Ms. Anu Margaret, Social Worker, NMC Sharjah in the month of May 2020.

Points Discussed

What is mental health and well-being?

How to cope up with the challenging situation

Simple tips to manage mental health and well-being at home

What is Cyber Safety?

How to be safe in the cyber world?

Whom to contact for cyber safety and bullying.

The response of the students was good and cleared their doubts.

Remembering H.H Sheikh Zayed

OBJECTIVE: Tribute to the founding father of the UAE.

On 6th May 2020 on account of H.H Sheikh Zayed’s birthday students of IPHS made wonderful birthday cards for the Visionary.

The activities show the remarkable legacy of great father H.H. Sheikh Zayed who had laid the foundation for the country to become what it is now in every aspect of growth and development vis a vis envisaging communal harmony.

Virtual Founder’s Day Celebration

IPHS celebrated its 34th Birthday on Wednesday, 6th May 2020. The colorful recorded programs were shown on an auspicious day. All the programs shared were sweet and marvelous. Students, teachers, and admin staff participated enthusiastically making the day a memorable one.

Ramadan Activity

To celebrate the essence of Ramadan, various activities like Card Making, Lantern Making were conducted in the Primary and Middle Sections. It looked vibrant and lively with these beautiful artworks by children.


IPHS organised different activities in connection with World Book Day on 23rd April 2020. Poster Making, Book Mark Making, Reading were the activities conducted.

EARTH DAY – 2020

The theme for Earth Day 2020 was ‘CLIMATE ACTION’. Day celebration at IPHS was held on  22nd April 2020. On Earth Day students got an opportunity to examine their relationships with the environment and to think about how their lifestyles affect the world around them. Students of different grades engaged in activities like Poster / Chart making.

E-Learning Classes Commencement

Academic Year 2019-2020 at IPHS began with great expectations, excitement, happiness and positivity. E-Learning classes started on 5th April 2020.

Virtual Orientation Programme 2020-21

A Virtual Orientation Programme was organized for the KG Section, Class I, Middle Section, and Senior Section in the month of April 2020. The aim was to familiarize the parents as ‘Partners in Progress’ with the curriculum, rules, and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies, and the co-scholastic activities.