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School Activities 2021-22

Farewell to Teachers in March 2022


ASSET Online exam for the academic year 2021 -2022, was conducted successfully for the classes 3, 5, 7 and 9 respectively for 3 subjects English, Maths and Science from 7th to 12th February 2022.

Number of students registered: 457 (classes 3, 5, 7, 9)

Number of studens appeared: 433 (classes 3, 5, 7, 9)

Intl. Hijab Day Activity @ IPHS

Department of Islamic Education conducted an activity related to International Hijab Day on 1st and 2nd February 2022. Girls of classes VI to VIII were participated in this activity. They carried placards highlighting the importance of Hijab Day. Miss. Aaliya Sherif of class VID presented a demonstration of wearing Hijab.  Miss. Al-Zahra Rahees of Class VIIIC delivered a speech highlighting the importance of wearing Hijab. This was an encouragement for girls to wear and follow the Islamic code of dressing. This activity was enjoyed by the girls that exemplified their modesty.

Verbal Bullying Activities @ IPHS

Republic Day Celebration @ IPHS


On account of “National youth day” and “Birth anniversary of swami Vivekananda” all the class prefects organized various programmes for their respective classes during Assembly time through ZOOM App on 12th January, 2022. Programmes included: Speech, Quiz, Dance, PowerPoint Presentation, Short videos, Poster making, Slogans etc.


On 10th January 2022, Student Council members organized an awareness session on a new coronavirus variant called Omicron, for the students of their class during Assembly time through ZOOM App.

Guidelines included:

  • Symptoms- how it is different from another variant.
  • Course of symptoms.
  • Commonly affected groups.
  • Why Omicron is a variant of concern?
  • Current vaccines protecting it.
  • Safety measures.


The Student Council meeting was held on Saturday, 8th January 2022, virtually through ZOOM App. Assistant Head Girl Miss. Hannah of XII B, presided over the session. The meeting started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Miss. Sumaya Omer of XIIB. Head Girl Miss. Ann Maria of XII A, submitted the Report and the Budget, which was then agreed by the council members.

Discussions about Republic Day, National Youth Day and Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda followed. Students planned to include several programmes like Speech, PowerPoint presentation etc. during Class Assembly on the same.

Mrs. Linchu Thomas, School Nurse, conducted awareness class on Omicron, a new coronavirus variant and its symptoms. Student Council meeting was concluded with vote of thanks by Asst. Head Girl Miss. Hannah of XIIB.  Student Council Coordinators Mr. Sunil Jose and Mrs. Reena F conducted the meeting. All students actively participated in the meeting.

Christmas Celebration 2021 @ IPHS

Commemoration Day @ IPHS

Commemoration Day or Martyrs’ Day is marked annually on November 30 in the United Arab Emirates, recognizing the sacrifices and dedication of Emirati martyrs who had sacrificed their lives in the UAE and abroad in the field of civil, military, and humanitarian service.

IPHS commemorates the honor and loyalty of its martyrs, in recognition of the sacrifices they made for their country, in the memory of its sons who had devoted their lives to keep the flag of the UAE flying high.

The flag was flown at half mast on 1st December 2021.

50th National Day Celebration 2021 @ IPHS

National Bullying Prevention Week 2021 @ IPHS

National Bullying Prevention Week was observed from 20th November 2021 to 26th November 2021.

Poem Recitation Competition (III-XII)

The students of IPHS showed their talent in the final round of Poem Recitation and recited poems in a distinctive manner. They were given an opportunity through ‘Poem Recitation Competition’ which was held for classes III to XII on 6th October, 13th October & 20th October 2021. The finalists were selected in preliminary rounds which were conducted for classes I to X. The language teachers judged them for the final round on the basis of content, presentation, pronunciation and clarity. The students selected poems composed by great poets and recited them in an effective manner.

World Children's Day Celebration @ IPHS

Children's Day Celebration @ IPHS

Children are the future. Nurture them right, so that they grow up to be able leaders and lead the world towards light. 

November 14 is celebrated as Children’s Day in India in remembrance of India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, who was born on November 14, 1889. November 14 marks Nehru’s devotion to welfare, education and development of children and young people.

Sunday, 14th November at Indian Public High School was packed with lot of interesting activities so as  to make it a memorable one for the sweet adorable children who were looking forward for the day.

 Students were dressed up in casual clothes. The celebrations began with the morning assembly which was efficiently carried out by the students of class V C and V D.

Students were excited when one among them disguised as Chachaji addressed the assembly. This was followed by variety of entertaining activities including dances and songs by the students. The teachers made Children’s Day special for their children by extending them a salute for all their efforts and support during virtual learning. This was followed by a beautiful dance performance by the teachers.

After the assembly various games were organized class wise. The students were truly overwhelmed and enjoyed the day.

UAE Flag Celebration @ IPHS

The occasion of UAE Flag Day was celebrated with great spirit and fervor. The National Flag, the symbol of Union, was hoisted by Vice Principal  Dr. Annamma Mathew at 11.00 a.m. The students as well as the teachers saluted the flag to express respect to the prudent leadership and glorification of the country’s national symbol. The principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan delivered a speech highlighting the importance of the day and the flag which represents the aspirations of the country.

The students dressed in the colours of the UAE flag instilled the Spirit of the Union even in the minds of the beholders. Raise it High! Raise it Proud! was reverberating in the IPHS school quadrangle as the students enthusiastically paraded waving the UAE national flag.

Various programmes were conducted in classes under the guidance of the class teachers and subject teachers adhering to the Covid-19 protocols. Videos regarding Flag Day were played in the classes. The students were encouraged to draw the flag and colour it. The teachers explained the denotations of each colour in the flag. Students were given opportunity to share their knowledge regarding the importance of the day through speeches in English, Malayalam and Hindi languages. Emirati songs related to Flag Day were played in the classes and the students were given a chance to dance to those songs. The students’ shout out Raise it High, Raise it Proud energized and activated the entire school which was put to a compulsory sleep by the pandemic.


As per the directives from MOE, all the Students and their parents were given orientation on “Child Protection Policy in the Educational Institution and their Reporting Procedures”. Around 1225 parents and 1465 students participated in the training in various sessions which was conducted from 20th October 2021 to 2nd November 2021.

Kerala Piravi Day Celebration @ IPHS

Kerala Piravi marks the birth of the state of ‘Kerala’ in India.  It is a proud moment since it is a commemoration of God’s own country. The Malayalam Department of Indian Public High School, RAK celebrated the 65th anniversary of ‘Kerala Piravi’ on Monday, 1st November 2021, on the blended learning platform for grade 1 to 8 with programmes depicting the true love for Kerala and Malayalam.

The language (Malayalam) teachers of the school had invested their full effort and support for the students to conduct the programme in a well organized manner. The celebration of the day started with the wishes from the school principal, Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan. Celebrating the festivity, students who were well trained by the teachers of Malayalam department put up a very colourful display of cultural extravaganza with a myriad of mesmerizing activities that included dance, group song, poem recitation, speech and presentations reflecting fond love towards their motherland. It also explained the significance   in nurturing and preserving  the language, art and culture of Kerala.

The activities were conducted during the last period in individual classes. Though the duration was short they were enjoyed by everyone, including students from other states as well. Undoubtedly the celebrations brought memories of rich culture and the vast heritage of Kerala to the budding minds. It was indeed a visual treat for the audience and the participants.

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Interactive Session on Health & Well-Being organized by STUDENT COUNCIL

Student council organized “An interactive session on Health and well-being of Adolescent students” by Dr. Tarun Wadhwa, Asst. Professor, Dept. of clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology, RAKMHSU, UAE, for its members on Saturday, 30th October 2021 on ZOOM App.

Arts Secretary Miss. Shivaganga welcomed the resource person and student council members. Dr. Tarun Wadhwa explained a number of key topics to the students namely Meaning of Health and well-being, Adolescent age group and its psychological effect, importance of Health and well-being and its components, Healthy habits, discussion on mental health determinants, listing the medical conditions associated with adolescents. It was an interactive session and all students participated actively.

Asst. Head Boy Master. Akash headed over the meeting, Master. Abid, Sports Secretary recited Holy Quran and Head Girl Miss. Ann Maria submitted the report and the budget of the council. Discussions were done regarding conducting sports match, Expo etc. Vote of thanks was given by Miss. Hannah James, Asst. Head Girl. Mrs. Bitty Devasia Counsellor, Student Council Coordinators Mr. Sunil Jose and Mrs. Reena F were present during the session.

Virtual Open House

Virtual Open House was conducted in the last week of October 2021 to announce/discuss the result of the Half Yearly Examination/First Term Evaluation of the students.

Blended Learning –Opening Day (KG-VIII)

Blended Learning –for classes KG to Class VIII started in the month of October 2021.

Blended Learning –Opening Day (Senior Section)

Blended Learning Opening day for Senior section on 3rd October 2021.

Virtual Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration (I-XII)

Student Council Meeting - First Aid Procedure

The Student Council Meeting was held on Saturday, 11th September 2021, using ZOOM App. Assistant Head Girl Miss. Hannah James of XII B, headed over the session. The meeting started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Master. Mohammed of XIIB. Head Girl, Miss. Ann Maria of XII A, submitted the report and the budget, that were unanimously  agreed by the council members.

Head Girl Miss. Ann Maria Ajoy of  XIIA proposed the club activities ideas. General discussions pertaining to activities which can be conducted for students were discussed. Mr. Sajesh, Teacher, Physical Education Department, along with Head Boy Master. Mikil Michael Joshi and Sports Secretary Master. Abid, explained the First Aid procedure to be given during the time of emergency. Master. Akash, Assistant Head Boy delivered vote of thanks. Student Council Coordinators Mr. Sunil Jose and Mrs. Reena F conducted the meeting. All students actively participated in the meeting.


On the occasion of Teachers Day celebration, the students of classes XII were given an opportunity to enact the role of teachers in different classes during the first four periods. Students conducted online classes for students from Grade IV to Grade IX through ZOOM App on 5th September, 2021. Overall it was a wonderful session and students took active part in it.

Ethnic Day Celebration-(I-XII)

Art & Craft Exhibition

Continuing the spirit of #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav Consulate General of India launched Art & Craft Exhibition in the month of July and as a part of celebrations of the 75th Independence Day of India, IPHS students  Miss. Sanchita Srivatsa of class X and Surya Pratap Singh of class IX presented their artwork in the Consulate.

“Kargil Vijay Diwas International Conclave 2021”

Edge Academy organized Kargil Vijay Diwas at Kota on 8th August, 2021 to inspire the future young leaders of our Nation. This year due to the pandemic it was conducted through ZOOM App, YouTube and Facebook link. This event truly makes us feel that we all love our Nation and have immense respect for our Soldiers, Martyrs & Veterans. Sh. Om Birla, Hon. Lok Sabha Speaker was the chief guest of the event and the Guest Speaker was Sh. Anurag Tripathi, Secretary CBSE.

Role Models of Indian Armed Forces Maj. Gen GD Bakshi (Ex GOC Romeo Force), Lt. Gen Ata Hasnain (Ex GOC 15 Corps), Major Gaurav Arya (Chief Editor Chanakya Forum), Col. Piyush Agrawal (Kargil War Veteran) shared their experiences of their service in the esteemed Indian Armed Force, the historical Kargil war and briefed on Chanakya Forum. On behalf of Indian Public High School, Ten Student representatives along with a teacher participated in this event.

Student representative Head Boy Master. Mikil Michael Joshi, Head Girl Ms. Ann Maria, Asst. Head Boy Master. Akash, Asst. Head Girl Ms. Hannah, Sports Secretaries Master. Abid and Ms. Vaishnavi Rao, Arts Secretaries Master. Harshil and Ms. Shivaganga, Emerald House Leader Ms. Marilyn, Topaz House Leader Ms. Carel Elizabeth along with Teacher Mrs. Reena Agnes Fernandes took part in this ‘Historical Kargil Vijay Diwas International Conclave’

Virtual Parent Teacher Meeting & Open House

  • Virtual Parent Teacher Meeting was conducted for KG on 1st July and 3rd July 2021.
  • For Classes 1 to 3 Parent Teacher Meeting was conducted from 3rd July to 5th July 2021 to interact about the progress and identify the needs of our children.
  • Virtual Open House was conducted for classes IV & V from 3rd July to 5th July 2021 to review the academic performance of the students in the test.
  • Virtual Open House was conducted for classes VI to VIII from 3rd July to 6th July 2021 to review the academic performance of the students in the test.
  • Virtual Open House was conducted for classes IX & XII on 7th July & 8th July 2021 to review the academic performance of the students in the test.


Health is Wealth is not just for quoting it is also for understanding its practical importance and taking steps to remain fit. In order to survive the pandemic times it is even more important to build up our immunity, within the four walls of our house.

In the pursuit of the same, on International Yoga Day, different yoga activities were organized on the digital platform on 21st June 2021.The sessions were attended by the students with great enthusiasm and vigor.

The following were the activities conducted for different classes.

Classes 1 & 2

A 16 minutes video on ‘YOGA FOR KIDS’ was shared through the Zoom platform. The students wore white/light colored attire and performed the asanas on mats/ blankets. Some basic yoga poses were demonstrated and students followed them with utmost interest.

Classes 3 & 4

Students watched a Power Point presentation which explained the history of Yoga, variety of asanas and their benefits. This was truly an interesting and informative session.

Class 5

Students of class 5 attended a rapid fire question answering session based on a comprehension passage. Students were enthusiastic and excited to answer the questions.

For classes 6 to 12

Instructors took the classes for III to VIII on 19th June 2021 by the PE teachers Mr. Sajesh and Mr. Premjith and for classes IX to XII it was instructed by AOL Instructors Mr. Sunil P and Mrs. Susmitha Sunil on 21st June 2021 and the students practiced the same with great spirit. The activities helped the students to discover the sense of oneness with themselves, the world and the nature.

‘THE CROWNING GLORY’ - (Virtual Investiture Ceremony)

The virtual Investiture Ceremony on 15th June, 2021 was a memorable day for the leader of IPHS. Asst. Head Girl did the investiture ceremony prayer.

Programme flagged off with the morning assembly by Grade XI Students. Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, addressed the leaders and wished them luck for their duties and responsibilities. The elected members of the student council were honored with their titles.

Master. Mikil Michael Joshi of Class XII A was declared as Head Boy and Miss. Ann Maria Ajoy of Class XII A as the Head Girl. The leaders of various houses were honored by their parents on a virtual platform. The elected prefects of Grade VI to XII were conferred the titles by their parents who presented the badges.

The oath taking ceremony was done by Head Boy, Master. Mikil Michael, followed by Head Girl, Miss. Ann Maria Ajoy, Master. Akash A.S, Asst Head Boy and Asst Head Girl, Miss. Hannah James and it was done on behalf of all the leaders as the reassurance of their duties and responsibilities. Master. Akash A.S, Asst Head Boy gave a speech addressing all leaders and  perform their duties towards leadership.

Cultural Programmes like Song by Miss. Siya Rebecca XIA, Dance by Ex Head Girl Miss. Krishna, Ex Arts Secretary Miss. Shalini and Ex Ruby House Leader Miss. Devu, Semi Classical dance by Miss. Radhika XIB, Bollywood dance by Master. Jainum and Master.Janesh VIIIB, dance by Miss.Swarnika XD, Goblet Drumming by Master. Surya XIIB and Remix dance by XC girls was organized by Student Council members.

Total strength of 655 participants took part in this programme from Grade VI to Grade XII teachers and students.

Students Council Coordinators Mr. Sunil Jose and Mrs. Reena F were the In-charge teachers for the programme which was hosted by Mrs. Swati P, and Mr. Neelesh, Maths teacher, assisted in the smooth conduct of the ceremony.

Miss. Ann Maria Ajoy, Head Girl presented vote of thanks.

Mrs. Lavannya Praveen, Teacher in English Department and Master. Abishai XIB were the anchors for the programme.

An interactive session on creating a safe cyber space for children & Teens- Student Council

Student council organized “An interactive session on creating a safe cyber space for children &Teens” by Mrs. Anu Suraj, Co-Founder and mentor at Swaraksha for its members on Saturday, 12th June 2021 on ZOOM App.

Mrs. Anu Suraj, Co-Founder and mentor at Swaraksha and Mrs. Sajina Arun, Lawyer HR Legal and consultant at Swaraksha were the resource persons. Arts Secretary Miss. Shivaganga welcomed them and the student council members.

Mrs. Anu Suraj explained the following topics to the students Cyber Addiction, Cyber threats, Phishing, Cyber Stalking, Online Predators, Obscene Content Online, Social Media- Negative habits formation and crimes, online sexual exploitation, online grooming, Online Sexting. It was an interactive session and all students participated actively.

Asst. Head Girl Miss. Hannah James headed over the meeting and Head Girl Miss. Ann Maria submitted the report and the budget of the council.

Mrs. Ligy Ajith Abraham, Activity Coordinator, Mrs. Bitty Devasia Counsellor, Student Council Coordinators Mr. Sunil and Mrs. Reena were present during the session.


To learn Al-Quran with Tajweed and Tarteel, the etiquettes of reading, memorizing and listening Al Quran and to know the importance of Al Quran in Muslim’s life and reward of reciting it. Al Quran is The Last Holy Book of Allah and it is the religious duty of a Muslim to recite, learn and listen to it. Students of IPHS participated in the competition held on 10th June 2021 with zeal and zest. They memorized a few verses of the Quran. They presented themselves as a dutiful Muslim. It enhanced their quality of reciting and their interest in Al Quran. Students made use of the opportunity to show it, they also learned to improve themselves in the recital of the holy verses.

World Environment Day

FLIPLEARN-Educational Platform

The orientation sessions on Flip learn – Educational Platform for our students and parents were conducted from 31st May to 5th June 2021 for different classes on different days. It is a personalized learning experience with interactive and fun digital content. The training session for teachers was also organized to aid their teaching process using the various interactive tools inbuilt in Fliplearn software.

Anti-Bullying Activity

Umm Al Quwain Police shared the video on BULLYING.

Date- 01-06-2021 and 02-06-2021

Conducted by – Mrs. Bitty Devasia (Counselor/Social Worker)


With prime focus on the Healthy Body in a Healthy Mind, Online Aerobics Sessions for the students of KG2 to Grade XII commenced from Monday, 31st May 2021. Students are enthusiastically participating in the session in the last period from Sunday to Tuesday.

Awareness programme on World NoTobacco Day

Science Department organized an awareness campaign for the students of VI -XII on the occasion of ‘No Tobacco Day’ on Monday 31st May 2021. Following activities were conducted to create awareness about the harmful effects of Tobacco.

Grade  : VI,VII,VIII

  1. Poster making/Slogan writing
  2. PowerPoint Presentation
  3. Experiments-Effect of Smoking.

Grade:  IX -XII

  1. PowerPoint Presentation
  2. Tobacco Quiz
  3. Skit

Meet the Leaders Programme

‘MEET THE LEADERS’ Programme was held on 27th May 2021, Thursday at 8.15 a.m using ZOOM App. The program was organized to introduce the newly elected Student Council members to the teachers and students of IPHS.

Programme began with the morning assembly by Grade XII Students. Ms.Emma Reji of Grade XIA gave the welcome speech.

Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, Principal, wished all the newly elected members of the Student Council. Dr. Annamma Mathew, Vice Principal, explained the role of a leader and their duties towards the school community.

Newly elected Head Girl, Ms. Ann Maria Ajoy and Head Boy, Master. Mikil Michael Joshi thanked everyone and promised to be sincere and perform their duties. Assistant Head Boy, Master. Akash and Assistant Head Girl Ms. Hannah thanked everyone and extended to support the council members and to impart the duties diligently.

Sports Secretaries Master Abid and Ms. Vaishnavi Rao explained the importance of sports in life. Arts Secretaries Master Harshil introduced himself and presented a poem, followed by Ms. Shivaganga, who sang a beautiful song. House Leaders and Assistant house leaders of Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Topaz houses gave self-introduction.

Couple of Cultural Programmes followed. Keyboard by Master. Ashik Leo XII B, Dance by Bhavya XIIB, Eva Sam XD and Grade XI Boys was organized by Student Council members.

Total strength of 656 participants took part in this programme from Grade VI to Grade XII Teachers and students.

Students Council Coordinators Mr. Sunil Jose and Mrs. Reena were the Incharge teachers for the programme. Mrs. Swati P, hosted the programme. Ms. Ghanistha XIA presented vote of thanks. Ms. Gayatri XIIB and Varughese George XIIA were the anchors for the programme.

Award Ceremony 2020

The virtual Annual Award Ceremony was conducted to celebrate and reward the young achievers of the academic year 2019-20 on Sunday, 23rd May 2021.The top Rank holders and Subject toppers of Grade X and XII were honoured in the ceremony. Mr. Raj Nambiar, Director of Administration, University of Bolton, RAK was the chief guest. School Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan gave a welcome speech. The award ceremony heaped accolades on the toppers of the CBSE exams as a recognition of their hardwork and efforts in reaching the pinnacle of success and also to wish them more glorious achievements in future.  The success of the annual award ceremony was a perfect testimony of hardwork, team co-ordination, effective leadership even during the time of pandemic. It was very well received and appreciated by the guests of honour as they were also treated to various programmes by the students and it added colour and enthusiasm to the event.

Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day was on May 9, 2021. A day very special for the students who generally love to show uninhibited affection to their doting mother whose care and love is irreplaceable. Students were given lot of choices to celebrate mother’s day.

It was not just about greeting card, students sent videos of singing songs for their mother and express how much they loved the special person in their life. There were photo frames, flowers, gifts, dance, songs and beautiful cards that stood testimony of their love.

In totality there were cute gestures of love from the little hearts to exhibit the pristine love they have for the embodiment of goodness – Mother!

Remembering H.H Sheikh Zayed

OBJECTIVE: Tribute to the founding father of the UAE.

On 6th May 2021 on account of H.H Sheikh Zayed’s birthday students of IPHS made wonderful birthday cards for the Visionary.

The activities shows the remarkable legacy of great father H.H. Sheikh Zayed who had laid the foundation for the country to become what it is now in every aspect of growth and development vis a vis envisaging communal harmony.

Virtual Founder’s Day Celebration

IPHS celebrated its 35th Birthday on Thursday, 6th May 2021. The 35 years of this educational institution encapsulates many beautiful memories in all marvelous glory and they were captured through a video and shared with students and Parents on this day. Students, teachers and admin staff participated enthusiastically making the day a memorable one.


The formation of the student council for the academic year 2021-2022 was carried out through various procedures. The initial procedure was the election of class prefects from Grade VI- XII on 22nd April 2021. The elected members of each class assembled together on 1st May 2021 through zoom app to select the Head boy and Head girl. Both the procedures were done by the common election procedures including Ballot paper and in Google classroom.

Master. Mikil Michael Joshi of Class XII A was elected as Head Boy and Miss. Ann Maria Ajoy Erinjeri of Class XII A as Head Girl of Academic Year 2021-22.

The leaders were later addressed by the School Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, who asserted the duties of leaders. Vice Principal Dr. Annamma Mathew wished the representatives. Miss Fathima Fida, Assistant Head Girl Anchored the meeting, Master K.S. Sathya Narayanan, Ex Head Boy gave welcome speech, Master Saif Sajad Shah, Class Prefect, X B recited Holy Quran, Student Council Coordinators Mr. Sunil Jose and Mrs. Reena F conducted the election.


IPHS organised different activities in connection with World Book Day on 23rd April 2021. Poster Making, Book Mark Making, Reading activities were conducted.

EARTH DAY – 2021

The theme for Earth Day 2021 was ‘Restore our Earth’. Earth Day celebration at IPHS was held on 22nd April, 2021. On Earth Day students got an opportunity to understand their role in protecting the environment and how their lifestyles will have an impact on the environment. Students from different grades engaged in activities like Poster / Chart making.

Class Prefects Election 2021-22

The formation of the student council for the academic year 2021-2022 was carried out through various procedures. At a first step the nominees were selected on 20th April, 2021 and was shared in the class by the class teacher through the virtual session for Grade VI – Grade X & XII. The E- election was conducted through the preparation of E-Ballot sheet using Google form by the class teacher. Result sheet was generated and was shared with the students using zoom app. All students actively participated in this election to choose their class prefects.

Virtual Ethnic Day Celebration

Students celebrated the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, Baisakhi, Navratri festival and Vishu on Wednesday, 14th April 2021.