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Senior Section Activities 2021-22


The concluding Student council meeting was organized on Saturday, 12th March 2022 through ZOOM App at 1 pm.

It was the concluding meeting of the student council.

Assistant Head Girl, Miss. Hannah James of XII B, presided over the session. The meeting started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Miss. Sumaya Omer of XIIB. Head Girl Miss. Ann Maria Ajoy Erinjeri of XII A, submitted the report and the budget of the academic year 2021-2022, which was then agreed by the council members.

Head Girl, Miss. Ann Maria of XII A, Head Boy Master. Mikil Michael Joshi of XII A, Assistant Head Boy Master. Akash, Sports and Arts Secretaries, House Leaders addressed the council members and gave the concluding speech and wished them good luck for the upcoming exams. All the student council members shared their experience and knowledge gained during their association with the council.

Mr. Sunil Jose, Student Council Coordinator thanked all the members of the Student council for their active participation, support and cooperation for the whole year and staying united during this pandemic. Certificate of Appreciation for active participation in Student council was also shared with the students.

Assistant Head Girl Miss. Hannah James proposed vote of thanks and thanked everyone.

Student Council Coordinators Mr. Sunil Jose and Mrs. Reena F were present during the concluding meeting.


Inter-House Basketball Tournament was organized for classes 9 to 12 from 7th February 2022 to 10th February 2022. The office bearers of the student council ably organized the tournament along with the invaluable support of the physical education teachers Mr. Sajesh K and Mr. Premjith V. The winners were felicitated with medals awarded by the Principal, Vice principal and the teachers.

Among the boys, Sapphire house achieved first place while Emerald house and Topaz house won second and third place respectively. Among the girls, Sapphire house won first place. Topaz house achieved second place and Emerald house stood third.


Awareness on HPV Vaccine was organized on Monday,21st February 2022 for classes XI & XII female students and for mothers. The resource person was Dr. Sheeba K.R, RAK MHSU.


IPHS conducted a webinar for the students of grade 10 to 12 on “Stress and Time management” on 22nd August 2021. The speaker was Mrs. Anu Margaret, Specialist ‘A’ Social worker, Al Soor Specialty Clinic, Sharjah. 

Topic Discussion :

  • What is stress
  • How stress can affect the academic performance
  • Organizing for term exams
  • Exercise during exams
  • Nutrition during exam days
  • How to deal with the distractions

This workshop basically aimed at nurturing a positive and confident outlook in students towards their perception of exams at the same time understanding the importance of a healthy body to combat stress.


To celebrate the great success of CBSE Board exam result of 2020-2021, Student council members took initiative and organized a common assembly on 16th August 2021, for all Grade X to Grade XII students to honour the school toppers and subject toppers through ZOOM platform.

Common Assembly was done by students of Grade XII, with the recitation of Holy Quran by Master. Mohammed, Prayer by Master. Akash, Pledge by Ms. Carel, Vision by Master. Harshil, Mission by Ms. Anmol, Motto by Master. Ashhar, Core values by Ms. Hannah, Thought of the day by Head Boy Master. Mikil Michael and news by Ms. Shivaganga.

Breathing exercises were demonstrated by Sports Secretary Ms. Vaishnavi Rao. Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, announced CBSE Board exam result of Grade X and Grade XII of the academic year 2020-2021 and congratulated them for their achievements.

Vice Principal Dr. Annamma Mathew, Former Head of Science Department Mr. Rajesh, Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, Head of Department English, wished all the toppers and presented a congratulatory note.

Grade XII Science Topper Master. Tevin Jacob Joseph, Grade XII Commerce second topper and former Head Girl Ms. Krishna Reji, Grade X topper Ms. Swarali Pawar shared their experience and gave vote of thanks. Head Girl Ms. Ann Maria Ajoy Erinjeri was the anchor of the programme.


On account of STOP CYBER BULLYING DAY (Thursday, 17th June 2021,), IPHS Parent Council conducted an awareness session on the topic ‘POSITIVE ONLINE BEHAVIOUR AND CYBER BULLYING’ for teachers, parents of grade 9 to 12 and Parent Council Members. Parent Council Chairperson Mrs. Veena Santhosh gave the welcome note. The session was led by Mrs. Preeti Singh, Parent Council Secretary and she explained about positive online behaviour, cyber bullying and ways to respond and report cyberbullying incidents. The session was very informative. It was concluded with vote of thanks by Dr. Varun Wadhwa, Parent Council member.

Career Guidance – Grade XI to XII

Virtual Career Guidance Session was conducted for the students from Grade XI to Grade XII on Sunday, 9th May 2021. Parents of the students also were part of the session. The resource person was Mr. Jitin Chawla, Faculty of Management Studies (University of Delhi and Founder and Director of North India’s top most career counseling firm, Centre for Career Development, Delhi.


The Student Council meeting was held on Thursday, 6th May 2021, using ZOOM App. Assistant Head Boy Akash A.S., XII B, presided the session. The meeting started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Mohammed XIIB. Head Girl Ann Maria XIIA, submitted the Report and the Budget, in the presence of the council members.

Duties of a leader, House Captains, Head Boy/Girl were explained to them in detail by Mr. Sunil Jose, Student Council Coordinator.

Discussions about upcoming activities were discussed with all council members like “Meet the candidate”, activities and competitions to be conducted for the Academic year 2021-2022.

Mr. Anil Kizhoot, Teacher, English Department, explained the duties of the Leader and also presented PowerPoint on the Qualities of a good leader.

Student Council meeting concluded with a song by Miss. Shivaganga Sudheer, Arts Secretary, XII B. Student Council Coordinators Mr. Sunil and Mrs. Reena Fernandes conducted the meeting. All students actively participated in the meeting.

Orientation Programme (2021-2022) – Class XI

An Orientation programme was conducted for students and their parents of classes 11 for the academic year 2021-22 using Zoom platform on Tuesday, 20th April 2021.

Orientation Programme (2021-2022) – Senior Section

An Orientation programme was conducted for students and their parents of classes 9 & 10 for the academic year 2021-22 using Zoom platform on Saturday, 10th April 2021.