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Teachers’ Corner

Workshop on Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Dr. Annamma Mathew, Vice Principal & Dr. Soumya Shree, Coordinator & Supervisor of Middle Section IPHS RAK, attended a workshop on Child Protection at Dubai organized by Knowledge Village on 6th November 2019.

The main objective of the workshop was to give an awareness on child abuse and how to tackle it effectively by minimizing the damage to the child and promote recovery.

The child abuse and neglect are generic terms that encompass all ill treatment towards children including serious physical and sexual assault. Student’s health, safety and welfare and well-being are top priority and the school has a responsibility to provide child protection by maintaining a safe environment. Schools should support children who have been abused by appointing a designated staff member to take primary responsibility for child protection. Discipline of students should always be handled in a manner that protects the child’s dignity and self-esteem. Confidentiality of students’ personal data should be maintained. Teachers are responsible for maintaining a safe and secure class room environment. All children involved in extracurricular activities are to be closely monitored by supervising adults. School buildings should be well maintained and equipped with security surveillance cameras and security personal to manage entry and exit to the campus.

Whenever a child wants   to talk about abuse, staff should

  • Accept what the child says
  • Keep calm & listen
  • Be honest
  • Let the child know that even when she/he has broken a rule, she/he is not to blame for the abuse.
  • Never push any information.
  • Immediately refer to a senior leader.

It was an informative session.

Visit to Al Rawabi Dairy Farm

Al Rawabi Dairy Company is located in Al Khawaneej, Dubai with a farm of 12,500 cows in the middle of the Dubai desert. Al Rawabi is a leading dairy and juice company in the UAE with a wide range of products from milk, yoghurt, laban, juice and functional products. It is a first company to start a “Dairy Museum” and proudly offers to public the history artefacts of Europe and GCC.

IPHS staff visited Al Rawabi Dairy farm on 19th October 2019. It was a fun and an informative trip for everyone.

IPHS participates - 150 years of Celebrating the Mahatma and Heartfulness Meditation - IBPC RAK

IBPC RAK organized 150 years of Celebrating the Mahatma followed by Heartfulness Meditation at – RAK Hotel, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE  on 3rd  October, 2019 ( Thursday).

Keeping in mind the undue stress and restlessness as a result of hectic and busy life, Heartfulness Meditation organized a session at RAK hotel, Ras Al Khaimah. They discussed three key points on how to Learn to Relax, Meditate and Enjoy the Beautiful Life from our busy schedule. Heartfulness Meditation program quick hand note was enclosed for understanding the subject and to enable participation. The session laid out discussions followed by meditation for relaxation. The discussions were oriented towards Helping to nurture goodness in fellow beings, raising human consciousness, productivity and performance, and transforming people – inside out.

There was current awareness campaign towards “FIT India Movement – Physically and Mentally”. The main theme for 150 years of Celebrating the Mahatma is “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” and conducted  an awareness campaign to stop single use plastic to save our precious nature.

Workshop on Question Paper Setting (MCQ)

Workshop was organized by IPHS on 14th September 2019 in the school premises. HOD’s and Subject Experts of all the CBSE schools in RAK attended. The aim of the workshop was to discuss about the design of the CBSE Question papers for the subjects English, Mathematics, Science & Social Science of classes IX to XII for the upcoming Exams. All the participants actively discussed about the recent changes brought out by CBSE in strengthening current Assessment and Evaluation Practices. It was an informative and useful training programme.


Teacher’s Day was observed on 5th September, 2019 and couple of programs were planned and executed in full spirit by the teachers. The teachers from Senior, Middle Primary and Kindergarten took active part in the teacher’s day celebrations. There was speech, games, soulful renditions, prize distributions and loads of fun – all in all it was a day that was enlivened with amazing camaraderie by the fellow teachers along with the Senior Leadership team members.

The programs were held in the school library from 9: 30 to 10: 30. It was flagged off by a welcome speech and prayer by Mrs. Beena Thomas, followed by an address by the Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan and the Vice Principal Dr. Annamma Mathew.

The KG department conducted games that were packed with fun and frolic coupled with active participation and enthusiastic spirit from the staff and SLT members. The winners bagged prizes. The program winded up after a soulful rendition from Mr. Anil Kizhoot whose mellifluous voice enthralled everyone and thus it was a splendid day.

Workshop organized by MOE

On 28thAugust 2019, Ministry Of Education conducted workshop on customized curriculum for UAE which was held in Higher Colleges Of Technology, Sharjah and was attended by Mrs. Rizwana Taranum, HOD, UAE Social Studies & Mrs. Reena Agnes Fernandes. The workshop was to discuss on the revised curriculum and books on UAE social studies which comprised World history, History of the Arab world, Humanities, Social Studies, Culture studies, Teaching and learning, Educational Pedagogy &  Civic Studies.

The workshop was conducted by Dr. Georgia, Dr. Patrick and MOE Project Manager Mrs. Iman. The content contributors for the workshop were MOE & Higher Colleges of Technology. The workshop’s main objective was to meet the national agenda of UAE by 2020 and to prepare students for 4th industrial development jobs. The workshop was concluded by discussing the themes and key concepts of UAE social studies curriculum.


On 26th August 2019 and 27th August 2019  IPHS, RAK conducted a Teachers Training Program lead by Only Success Leadership Training LLC. The trainers were Ms. Farah Salam and Ms. Suchita Sikh. The objective of the teachers training program was to develop the capacity and to extend the resources of the school by means of improvisation of instructional facilities by providing training on certain challenges that teachers face practically in classrooms. The topics covered for the Primary Section were Class Room Management, Essentials of an effective session, Multiple Intelligences, Art of Story Telling, Inclusion & Inclusive Strategies, Gender Sensitivity, Differentiated Instructions.

For the Secondary Session Understanding generations, Differentiated Instructions, Flipped classroom, Teaching with Technology were the added ones. CBSE requirement topics were also covered in the training. The training program helped the teachers to develop personally and grow professionally.

IEP (Individual Education Plan) SMART Target Setting Training

Training on IEP SMART target setting and writing was conducted for the teachers those who are having SEND students in class from Grade I to VIII. Trainer was Dr. MARDY E DIZON, School Visiting Psychologist. The objective of the training was

  1. What is IEP?
  2. How does the school use the IEP?
  3. Why does your child need an IEP?
  4. How is IEP developed?
  5. Writing IEP

IEP is a document i.e. developed for child who needs special education. He briefed the elements and goals of IEP, IEP Team Members, General Accommodation and Strategies, Annual Goal and Resources /Frequency and steps in writing IEP. He made it more interesting with the help of case studies. The teachers were divided into groups and given case studies to write / develop an IEP. It was two and half hour training conducted in two different days (19-06-19 & 03-07-19) and teachers really benefitted from it.

Workshop on POST ASSET result

ASSET results of the year 2018-19 were received on 9th March 2019. Ms. Priya Shiva Kumar Head – Academics & Training, Sage Educational Consultants, conducted the post ASSET session for senior leadership team and teachers, to help them understand and interpret the ASSET results.

The workshop was approx an hour and the focus was on helping teachers to understand the importance of data mining and how to apply the information in their classroom teaching/learning.

Iftar Party @ IPHS

The Staff, Parent Council members and Student Cabinet Leaders organized an Iftar Party on Thursday, 30th May 2019 at 7:00 pm in the school campus to celebrate this sacred occasion of the Ramadan month. It was a great delight to see a good gathering on the occasion. The parents appreciated and enjoyed the collaborative Iftar Party at the school. It was a memorable evening for all those who were a part of this loving gathering. We thank all the sponsors who have contributed varieties of food to make the celebration a grand success.

Workshop on Child Protection

Workshop on child protection was organised on 4th May 2019 at Kinderwood Nursery, Ras al Khaimah. The speaker of the day was Maliha Ahad, AIM Middle East Consulting and Training.

The objective of the workshop was to highlight the importance of ensuring safe and secure environment for children. The workshop dwelt on the subject of child protection and to develop more understanding of safe guarding and protecting the children in their sphere of influence.

The training also aimed to provide the participants with current international standards, including:

  • The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child, or UNCRC.
  • UAE- 14 dimensions.
  • Working together to safeguard Children.

The session was very informative and the participants Mrs. Sandra Fernandes, KG supervisor, Mrs. Shammy Santhosh, Primary Section Supervisor, Mrs. Divya Joseph, School Nurse and Mrs. Bitty Devasia, School Counsellor from IPHS extended their knowledge by sharing the information on the subject with other colleagues.  At IPHS orientation on the topic was handled by Mrs. Sandra Fernandes for KG section and Mrs. Bitty Devasia and Mrs. Shammy Santhosh for other sections namely Primary, Middle and Secondary.

Principal Roundtables

The Crown Prince Court Abu Dhabi (CPC) had launched a ‘Principal Roundtables ‘-Event on 1st May, 2019 to develop a national platform for the strategic collaboration between CPC and school leaders for the creative promotion and innovative development of Moral Education in the UAE in order to promote and progress the implementation of the Moral Education Agenda through innovation and creativity; inspire school leadership through work and practices were some of the objectives.

IPHS was represented by a member of the SLT who is also the HOD of Moral Education. Topics that were discussed and put forth by International Speakers are as follows:

  1. Moral Education is a journey with the following strategies:
  2. Pacing – slow
  3. Learn- study possibilities
  4. Collaborate-plan with your team
  5. Prioritize -make journey priority.
  6. Invest time and relationships.
  7. Schools shared WWW through presentations and open discussion with regards to implementation of Moral Education Curriculum in the school.
  8. Project and Field Reports
  9. Possible places for visit Educational field trips related to the curriculum.
  10. Barriers and challenges in implementation of curriculum especially parental implement and possible solutions were discussed at the forum.

The attendance and whole hearted involvement of each member who attended the event gave a new dimension to the implementation of Moral Education in respective schools.


Induction Programme on Fire & Safety conducted by Mr. Venugopalan Bhaskaran, Fire & Safety Incharge of IPHS on Saturday 30th April 2019 for the newly joined teacher. Topics covered: Fire & Safety Measures, Fire Evacuation Plan, Procedure of Evacuation, Emergency Assembly Points and the Duties & Responsibilities of staff etc.

Workshop on Learning Disabilities and Disorders

A session on Learning Disabilities and Disorders was conducted for all the teaching staff of Kindergarten and Class Teachers of Grade 1 on Monday, 22nd April 2019 by Dr. Mardy E Dixon, Psychologist, Cambridge Center Consulting and Training of Family, RAK and visiting Psychologist of IPHS.

He started the session with the explanation of different types of neurological disorders and focused on early age learning disabilities, its symptoms and intervention methodologies. Session was very useful for the KG teachers, as it gives them an insight on how to analyze, identify and then take corrective action based on the analysis of their students.