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P. O. Box: 5079

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Teachers’ Corner

Webinar on Understanding and Implementation of Competency Based Education

A  Webinar on “Understanding and Implementation of Competency Based Education as per the latest CBSE circular for Mathematics teachers” was organized on 9th June, 2020 at U.A.E Time 02:30 PM- 04:00 PM. The resource person was Dr. Vishal Mohandas Panicker, Subject Specialist.

The aim is to help our educators understand how to incorporate Competency Based Education in Mathematics teaching-learning process effectively.



ASSET POST Session was conducted on 30th May 2020. Ms. Priya Shiva Kumar Head – Academics & Training, Sage Educational Consultants, conducted the post ASSET session for senior leadership team

Agenda: ASSET Result (2019-20 Analysis)

Online workshop on Physical and Mental Well-being during Covid-19

An online workshop (through Zoom App) was conducted for the teaching staff of IPHS on 26th and 27th, May, 2020(5pm -6pm). The session was led by Dr.Lakshmi Menon, Clinical Psychologist, Sunny Speciality Center, Sharjah.

Topic: Well-Being and 9 Piece Well-being Jigsaw.

The key aspects of this program are as follows:-

  • Positive thinking
  • Movement
  • Diet
  • Laughter/ happiness
  • Self esteem
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict management
  • Work ethic
  • Stress audit/ Mindfulness

This workshop basically worked on teacher’s mindset, their belief level and their entire perception towards mental and physical health. Indeed the session was very informative.