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P. O. Box: 5079

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

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Admissions Open for Classes I to IX (2019-2020)

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KG Section Activities 2019-20

First Day of School - KG1

Students of KG1 came dressed in their favourite coloured outfits on 10th April 2019 some walking through the threshold confidently while others holding the hands of their parents, grandparents or siblings. The faces of both students and adults projected happiness, awe, excitement and a wee bit of nervousness too.

The school was decorated in grandeur to mark a memorable milestone for our young kindergartners -their very first day of formal education. A special welcome float was designed and displayed at the entrance of the KG block. The first day of school was ear marked with activities such as palm printing, music, dance, rhyme time learning centres etc. Goodies and a welcome note along with the school calendar was distributed. The students at the end of the day were seen and heard sharing their first day experience with their parents.

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Orientation Programme – KG Section

Kindergarten Orientation Day was conducted in two phases. For KG1 on 30th March 2019 and  KG 2 on 6th April 2019. Parents gathered in the school quadrangle. The orientation programme began with a welcome address by the Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan who created awareness on school rules and expectations. The school counselor Mrs. Bitty Devasia disseminated information on the various school policies.

The KG Supervisor informed parents on the first week of school routines, about ID cards etc. After the information sessions parents and students were taken on a tour of the KG classrooms and play area. Later parents visited the transport both to meet the drivers and confirm school bus transportation details. Refreshments were served to the attendees. As a take away parents were given the Orientation Day Handouts which included all the important information for a smooth home to school transition.

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