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KG Section Activities 2019-20

Vegetable Day –KG Section

Inculcation of good habits should start right from young age. The caretakers, education providers and the society as a whole is responsible in teaching the younger generation the importance of imbibing good habits in the very prime of their life. Good habits also connote healthy eating habits. Eating vegetables becomes an important factor in leading a healthy life. To the young learners what better way to make them understand than putting up a stall of vegetables and dedicating a day for it.

KG 1 conducted activities for Vegetable Day on 17th September, 2019. ‘IPHS Vegetable Stall’ was put up right in front of their classrooms and colourful vegetables in all shapes and sizes took center stage on that day. They tiny tots were explained about them and the importance of including them in their diet. As part of class room activity they did vegetable printing and crowns with pictures of vegetables adorned their forehead – symbolic of their understanding of the necessity of eating vegetables.


The school reopened on the 1st September 2019 post summer vacation.  After the long break the students of KG1 and KG2 were welcomed back by the teachers.  The students were enthusiastic and excited as they were also back with their friends after enjoying a great vacation. The class room was decorated with colourful balloons and lovely ‘Welcome Back to School’ pictures.

The students of KG1 held a beautiful welcome board made by the teachers and posed happily with their classmates for the shutter bugs. KG2 students shared with their classmates about their holidays. They also whipped up energy to dance to some lovely songs welcoming them back to IPHS. Students did free hand drawing on how they spent their vacation. As drawing and colouring are always among a 5 year old’s favourite activities they drew lovely pictures as they reminisced about their time during the vacation.

Dates Festival @ IPHS-KG Section

Dates, one of the symbols of UAE ‘s rich culture and heritage is also a fruit which is a plenty with nutrients. When we think of UAE, date palm tree is an indispensable part of it and celebrating it only glorifies what it stands for.

IPHS celebrated Dates Festival on the 27th of June and provided a platform for rich displays. KG department took part in the dates festival and put up a wonderful display with an array of dates and decorations galore to go with it Prakhyaat Lokesha and Falah Ahmed from KG 2D gave a short speech on the benefits of dates and related it to the dates festival. The event also enabled the tiny tots to take home important information on the variety of dates and how it contributes to one’s overall wellbeing. They were encouraged to include it everyday as part of their diet as IPHS believes in inculcating such healthy habits vis a vis celebrating UAE rich culture and heritage.

Father’s Day @ IPHS

Objective: To create an opportunity for the students to show their affection by means of a small gift for their father made by them and to make this day a memorable one for both.

KG 1 and KG 2 made beautiful art and craft work to take home and give their father and wish Happy Father’s Day. KG1 students made a beautiful photo frame made of ice-cream sticks with Father’s day wishes. KG2 students did Origami art – a beautiful shirt made of paper with a picture coloured beautifully by them bearing heartwarming messages.

Festival of Colours – KG1

Objective: To develop students’ personal and social development; and their Innovation skills- PS2, 2.3 Social responsibility and innovation skills.

Element: 2.3.2 Work Ethic, innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship.

The KG 1 division of IPHS celebrated colours by dedicating 5 days for red, green yellow and blue.

‘Festival of Colours’ conducted at IPHS Kindergarten Section from 12th May to 13th June 2019, was a roaring success. Four weeks of an array of activities, each week had a special colour theme representing the four house colours reflecting the school house system, Ruby (Red), Emerald (Green), Topaz (Yellow) and Sapphire (Blue).

‘Festival of Colours’ was flagged off by students coming dressed in the themed colour of that particular  week- on the first day, followed by activities like collage work, bringing artifacts  and also fruits representing the colour and designing and making articles symbolising the themed colour of the week. This also promotes healthy eating in a very creative way for the tiny tots to understand and also celebrate the array of colours over a month. Photographs and the art work are testimonies to positive work ethics, innovative and creative skills.

My School Tour – KG Section

Students of KG 2 were taken on a school tour on the 21st and 22nd May 2019. This activity was basically to provide with them all basic information with regards to the management, facilities, utility areas, and its whereabouts in the school.

They went on a tour to the office, clinic, library, labs and the students were given basic inputs by their class teachers. The students were excited and curious as it was a novel experience for them.


A mother is she who can take the place of others, but whose place no one else can take’.

Objective: To develop students’ personal and social development; and their Innovation skills- PS2, 2.3 Social responsibility and innovation skills.

Element: 2.3.2 Work Ethic, innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Students at IPHS celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ with great enthusiasm and excitement. The young kindergartners were all full of happiness, emoting great love and affection for their mother. Students belonging to KG 1 and KG 2 did separate activities to as a testimony to the lovely bond they share with their mother. Teachers explained to the students the importance of this day and students exhibited Great Spirit and enthusiasm while doing the activities.

To express their love KG 1 students made hand designed cards and KG 2 Students made photo frame symbolically to capture a lovely moment with their source of joy. The photo frame was made of colourful ice cream sticks and a satin ribbon to hold it. It bore the message ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ ‘I love you mom’. They were take-away arts and children were eager to gift this to that very special person. A day dedicated to celebrate her in a very special way.

Art and Craft Week - KG Section

Objective: Art and Craft week provides an opportunity for students to learn to make various creative and useful items. To enable them to learn that even disposable items can be used in creative ways to make useful products.

The Art and Craft week was organized in the month of May from 12th to 16th May 2019. The activities carried out during the Art and Craft week were the following:

Photo frame: Mother’s Day was celebrated on 12th of May. Hence students made photo frame made office cream sticks and a satin ribbon to hold it. The photo frames were adorned with colourful cotton balls, buttons and glitters and bore the messages ‘I love you Mom’.

Stationery Holder: It was made out of plastic and metal tins or cans. The shells of nuts were used to cover the surface of the metal tins. They were painted to make them look colourful.

TikTikTok (Clock): A fun way to teach children about clocks. Paper plates, plastic spoons, small straws and pictures of cartoon characters were used to make this creative piece of art.

Cone Shaped Caps: A painted cap made of paper plates and colourful cotton balls, pompoms, thumb printing were also done to enhance its creative look.

It is Ice Cream Time: What better way to end the Art and Craft week during summer – With an ice cream looking colourful with the shapes cut from paper plates and cotton ball on top looking like a cherry.

Thus, the art and craft week concluded with various activities enjoyed by the students, it turned out to be productive and creative and to, reiterate, the students learned how even simple items can be used to create wonderful forms of art.

Founder’s Day Celebration - KG Section

IPHS Day/ Founder’s day was celebrated on the 5th May 2019 and along with the whole school KG division also took part in the birthday celebrations of IPHS.

The enthusiastic participation took place in the form of group song by KG 1 and group dance by KG 2. KG 2 danced with wonderful props highlighting the various stages of growth of the school since its inception. There were also class activities to express their love for their school and classrooms were beautifully adorned with messages, ‘I love IPHS’.

KG Student Council Election Campaign 2019 - 2020

Objective: To inculcate leadership qualities, To expose students to fair play and develop responsible citizen values.

Kindergarten Student Council election Campaign was held on 5th May 2019. Students contested towards the below mentioned portfolios through their electoral campaign speech which was one of the criterions. Kindergarten teachers cast their votes too.

Portfolios to the Student Council  

  1. Head Boy
  2. Head Girl
  3. Sports Captain
  4. Happiness Leader
  5. Innovation Leader
  6. Health & Safety Leader
  7. Discipline Leader
  8. Environment Leader
  9. Activity Leader


House Captains for each house (a Boy & a Girl)

  1. Sapphire House
  2. Emerald House
  3. Ruby House
  4. Topaz House

Educational Trip to Digdaga Dairy Farm-KG1

Students of KG 1 were taken on an educational trip to Arab Co Farm Animal Production (Digdaga Dairy Farm) on 25th April 2019. Students dressed in PE uniform; adorning colourful sun hats and caps; clutching their adorable picnic bags after a short prayer boarded the school bus. All along the journey they started naming and asking which mall they were going to visit in their childish innocence for them milk meant a visit to local grocery, hypermarket or mall.

Very soon they were at the gates of Arab Co Farm Animal Production and starting traversing towards the stalls where the milch animals were kept. On their way they saw the Ghaf tree -the symbol for the year of Tolerance and excitedly identified it. The young learners were super excited to see the tractor from their picture book right in front of their eyes.

As they reached the cowshed or stall they were so happy to see the baby calves, mummy calves as they called out to the animals. They also had an answer as to why there were large fans; simple it is very hot. At the end they could relate cows eat grass- and they were happy to receive a bottle of milk from the production centre.KG students returned back to school with the knowledge that milk came from cows.

Sharing Day (Toy Day) – KG 1

Objective: To develop students’ personal and social development and their Innovation skills-

PS2, 2.3 Social responsibility and innovation skills.

Element: 2.3.2 Work Ethic, innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Sharing is a vital life skill. It is something children need to inculcate as part of developing their personal and social skills paving way for strong bond with their peers. There are various occasions where this skill comes into role whether at school, home or anywhere else. Thus to stress on the importance of sharing, at the onset of the new academic year, Sharing Day (Toy Day) was aptly organised for KG 1 students.

Students were asked to bring their favourite toys to school on 23rd April 2019.Under the guidance of the teachers, children exchanged toys and played with them. They were also encouraged to share small stories with their peers using their toys. Children were motivated and praised for exhibiting this invaluable quality – sharing and thereby bonding with their fellow mates. Having dedicated a day, teachers taught the students the importance of sharing through this fun filled activity.

Haq Al Laila Celebrations - Kindergarten

In the UAE, Haq Al Laila is celebrated on the night of Shaaban 15 on the Islamic calendar — during the month that precedes Ramadan. To commemorate this festival and inculcate the value of brotherhood and tolerance of culture in the minds of our young kindergartners, Songs in Arabic were played to mark the event; students danced in fun and frolic. Happily murmuring and tapping their feet as they stuck sweets on the large cut out of a chocolate which they coloured, wrote the name of their classmate. These sweets were then placed in a basket and exchanged with each other.

First Day of School - KG1

Students of KG1 came dressed in their favourite coloured outfits on 10th April 2019 some walking through the threshold confidently while others holding the hands of their parents, grandparents or siblings. The faces of both students and adults projected happiness, awe, excitement and a wee bit of nervousness too.

The school was decorated in grandeur to mark a memorable milestone for our young kindergartners -their very first day of formal education. A special welcome float was designed and displayed at the entrance of the KG block. The first day of school was ear marked with activities such as palm printing, music, dance, rhyme time learning centres etc. Goodies and a welcome note along with the school calendar was distributed. The students at the end of the day were seen and heard sharing their first day experience with their parents.

Orientation Programme – KG Section

Kindergarten Orientation Day was conducted in two phases. For KG1 on 30th March 2019 and  KG 2 on 6th April 2019. Parents gathered in the school quadrangle. The orientation programme began with a welcome address by the Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan who created awareness on school rules and expectations. The school counselor Mrs. Bitty Devasia disseminated information on the various school policies.

The KG Supervisor informed parents on the first week of school routines, about ID cards etc. After the information sessions parents and students were taken on a tour of the KG classrooms and play area. Later parents visited the transport both to meet the drivers and confirm school bus transportation details. Refreshments were served to the attendees. As a take away parents were given the Orientation Day Handouts which included all the important information for a smooth home to school transition.