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School Activities 2019-20

Ethnic Day Celebrations @ IPHS

On 12th September, 2019 festive mood gripped the portals of IPHS as the school celebrated Ethnic day will full gusto. Right from the entrance gates till the class room the atmosphere in the morning was filled with the resonance of ‘Chenda Melam’, Onam wishes along with ‘Puli Kali’.With them looking very pretty in traditional wear, they contributed to the floral decoration done in the classrooms. The flowers were brought by them from home and they were looking so colourful like the beautiful array of flowers in the traditional outfits. Students enthusiastically participated in the Floral Decoration Competition and Tug of War Competition as a part of the celebration.

The students got a taste of Kerala on this day as it fell right after Onam. Each class presented a floral decoration – very much a cultural identity of Onam celebrations and this was accompanied by a surprise visit by a boy disguised as King Mahabali. It was an enthusiastic day and a wonderful opportunity for the kids to learn about the importance of culture and tradition right in their young age.

Medical Screening 2019 @ IPHS

IPHS organized a yearly health checkup for the classes KG & I, IX  from 19th May to 4th July 2019.


Seminar on Bullying & its prevention was conducted by School Counselor, Mrs. Bitty Devasia for the Student Council members on 2nd July 2019. Topics covered were

  1. Types of Bullying Behaviour.
  2. Impact of Bullying.
  3. Reporting & Prevention Method

Dates Festival @ IPHS

Dates are an integral part of the UAE’s history and heritage and the festival is a wonderful way to celebrate, understand and educate oneself about their cultural importance. IPHS celebrated the Dates Festival on Thursday, 27th June 2019. The students and teachers of classes KG – VIII took a keen interest and actively participated in the festival. Parent Council Chairman, Mr. Sumod Mathew, Secretary Mrs. Akshata K. Chadragiri and other members were present in this occasion. Parents also visited the exhibit to encourage our students. The festival aimed at providing a unique opportunity for the students to understand the varieties of dates in the UAE.

Class teachers along with the students made systematic arrangements in the corridors to display a wide variety of dates with flag labeling. It was a visual as well as a yummy treat for all. Class teachers trained a few representative students to give a brief description on the displayed items. The teachers of the UAE SST Department and Arabic Department supported the class teachers for the arrangements. It was a one of a unique experience for the all members of the IPHS family.


Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline, including breath control, meditation, and the adoption of bodily postures, which is widely practiced for health, happiness, harmony and relaxation. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness and is a great gift to give to the children.

To celebrate the Fifth International Yoga Day, Indian Public High School, organized a yoga presentation for IPHS community on Thursday, 20th June 2019. 

The participants included our Parent Council Secretary –Mrs. Akshatha.K.Chandragiri and other Parent Representatives, Staff, Scouts, Guides and other students. Neha Napier of Class X C presented a welcome speech and highlighted the importance and Wellness of Yoga. It was followed by the ‘YOG GEET’ by the students, which created a soothing atmosphere. The Yoga instructors of the day were Mr. Atam Prakash and Mrs. Mamta Atam, Senior International Faculties (Art of Living, RAK). Members of The Art of Living, RAK also joined our Yoga Day Celebration.

The benefits of the postures were narrated by the Yoga teachers side by side as participants performed with the instructions. Common Yoga Protocol was shown to all students in their respective class room. The duration of the presentation was 45 minutes in which the breathing exercises and the main asanas were explained and trained. These asanas were taught to bring about holistic approach to health and well being especially among the students.

A big ‘Thank You’ to AOL Team and other stake holders for their enormous cooperation in the successful organization of this event in our school was conveyed by Vice Principal, Dr. Annamma Mathew.

Visit of a Sports Person @ IPHS

Mr. Raj, Administration Director of Bolton University and Mr. Robin Singh, Ex -Cricket Player of Indian Team, visited IPHS on 17th June 2019. Robin Singh is a former Indian cricketer, who represented India in one Test and 136 ODI between the year 1989 and 2001 represented India an all-rounder.  He has been coaching the Indian Premier League’s, Mumbai Indians since 2010. It was indeed a delightful moment for the IPHS family.

‘Know Your Blood’ on World Blood Donation Day @ IPHS

In accordance with the World Blood Donation day, the Science Club of IPHS organised a special programme ‘KNOW YOUR BLOOD GROUP’ on 13th June 2019.

Our School Principal, Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan inaugurated the programme wherein she highlighted the importance of blood donation. Mr.  Santhosh from Saqr Hospital, Ras Al Khaimah, graced the event with his esteemed presence and guidance. He provided a brief elucidation of blood and its components with their respective functions. Mr. Santhosh also shared about the whole process of detecting the blood group. It gave the students a better understanding of how vital and miraculous a single drop of blood can be.

Students from grade 6 to 12, who were not aware about their own blood group were given the privilege to assist in the demonstration and learning process of identification of blood group. The Student Council and the Parent Council members along with some of our school staff members also participated in this programme. IPHS extends its whole-hearted gratitude to all the students, teachers and parents for their overwhelming participation.

Masjid Visit

Islamic Education Department of IPHS conducted the activity Masjid Visit on 11th June 2019. The Islamic students of classes VI to VIII Boys and Girls were taken to Sheikh Sultan Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Mosque, RAK to perform Duhr prayer in Jama’ah under the guidance of Mrs. Naseema, Mrs. Madiha, Mr. Hossam and Mr. Jamsheer. There were 32 girls and 52 boys visited the Masjid and attended the prayer. The objectives focused were to learn the appropriate way of offering Salah in Jama’ah  and understand  its benefits. The students learned the ettiques and manners to follow in a  Masjid.

World Environment Day @ IPHS

World Environment Day was celebrated with great zeal at IPHS. Many activities such as Poster making, Power Point Presentation, Essay Writing were conducted. Speech were held on the sensitive topics like ‘Air Pollution’, ‘Save Earth’, ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, ‘Clean Environment etc. Students made beautiful posters on the importance of saving our Mother Earth that would lead to a better tomorrow  i.e. a greener environment for our future generations. The students participated showcasing the spirit of the occasion in a grand way with their whole-hearted support and dedication.

Recital of Holy Quran Competition @ IPHS

To learn Al-Quran with Tajweed and Tarteel, the etiquettes of reading, memorizing and listening Al-Quran and to know the importance of Al Quran in Muslim’s life and reward of reciting it. Al Quran is The Last Holy Book of Allah and it is the religious duty of a Muslim to recite, learn and listen to it. Students of IPHS participated in the competition held on 10th June 2019 with zeal and zest. They memorized a few verses of the Al Quran. They presented themselves as a dutiful Muslim. It enhanced their quality of reciting and their interest in Al Quran. Students made use of the opportunity to show it, they also learned to improve themselves in the recital of the holy  verses.

Iftar Party @ IPHS

The Staff, Parent Council members and Student Cabinet Leaders organized an Iftar Party on Thursday, 30th May 2019 at 7:00 pm in the school campus to celebrate this sacred occasion of the Ramadan month. It was a great delight to see a good gathering on the occasion. The parents appreciated and enjoyed the collaborative Iftar Party at the school. It was a memorable evening for all those who were a part of this loving gathering. We thank all the sponsors who have contributed varieties of food to make the celebration a grand success.

Bringing Smiles, Charity Campaign @ IPHS

The students of classes III – XII organised a Charity Donation Campaign from 7th May to 30th May 2019 as a part of Islamic Activity during the Holy Month of Ramadan 2019-2020.

The campaign started on 2nd day of Ramadan and was wrapped up in four weeks. The students of classes VI, VII AND XII visited the other classes and requested students to donate and give a message about the importance of charity especially in the month of Ramadan. Teachers community also donated to it. The amount AED 1313/- was collected and it was equally distributed among 13 cleaning members of the school. The event became a successful one by the grace and blessings of Allah.

IPHS participates in Expo 2020, YOUNG INNOVATORS

Expo 2020, launched in 2013, is a world expo to be hosted by Dubai in United Arab Emirates. It is to be witnessed by the 192 countries. Young innovators programme was launched to inspire and to bring out and showcase the young innovations in science amongst the school students of UAE. Students of Indian Public High School Ras Al Khaimah participated in this initiative enthusiastically and showcased their innovation and leadership skills.

Suaal-‘19 Ramadan Quiz

Teens India,UAE organised Suaal 2019 a Ramadan Quiz on 25th May 2019 for the Islamic students of IPHS, Ras Al Khaimah. It was conducted for the students of classes IX –XII. The topic was based on The stories from the holy Quran by Ibn Kathir. Suaal 2019 gives students a chance to explore, study, learn and benefit from the stories mentioned in the holy Qur’an. This is for the 4th consecutive year that a quiz like this is conducted in the premises of IPHS. Every year, more than 2000 students from 60 Indian Schools participates in these kind of quizzes. From IPHS, around 80 students registered themselves for this competition. However, this year, the quiz was conducted online with a time limit of one hour. Result of the competition will be published on the website on 31st May 2019. A participation certificate was given to each student. Prizes and certificates for the winners shall be awarded later on.

Visual Art Competition(I-X)

Drawing and Colouring Competition was conducted for the students of classes I to X on 21st May, 2019. Classes I & II were given the pictures and they coloured them. The students displayed their artistic skills. For classes III to VI topics were related to nature. They used colours to express their creativity. The neatness and precision of their work was appreciated by everyone. Doodle Art Competition was conducted for the classes VII to X were related to UAE.  The best three drawings from each class were selected and handed over to the art teachers Mrs. Shaimma Shawky & Mrs. Vrinda V for the final judgement. The art teacher selected the best entries and winners were declared on the 5 point grading system. They will be awarded with certificates during assembly. This competition gave an opportunity to the students to show their talent.

‘No tobacco day’ Program @ IPHS

“No tobacco day” program was organised by the members of the Eco Warriors club of IPHS on 14th May 2019.  The day began with a thought provoking speech against the use of tobacco and its addicting effects by the Secretary. Poster making was conducted for the eco students on the topic ‘No smoking’. Senior students conducted debate on the topic whether tobacco is good for health or not. It summarized about tobacco, its addicting nature, and how it leads to fatal and causes incurable diseases. Thus the day became priceless by learning many new things and also took an oath not to follow the practice of tobacco consumption.


Students at IPHS celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ with great enthusiasm and excitement. The students were all full of happiness, emoting great love and affection for their mother. To express their love students made hand designed cards and was a very heart warming and innocent gesture to convey their abundant love.


IPHS celebrated its 33rd Birthday on Sunday, 5th May 2019. A special assembly was conducted by the students of class XII. After the usual etiquette of an assembly, Arts Secretory Ms. Jewel Mary Kenneth delivered a speech on Founder’s Day. Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan addressed the assembly.  This auspicious day was made even more memorable, when Middle Section Supervisor Dr. Soumya Shree was appreciated for earning Doctorate in Philosphy. The school guides team members, who did relentless services in the previous years were also honoured during the ceremony.  Teachers who earned 100% attendance in the academic year 2018-19 were felicitated. The birthday song sang by the students of Primary section was sweet and marvelous. A birthday cake was cut by the Principal, Supervisors and HODs together. This was followed by the scintillating, radiant and vibrant artistic performances exhibited by the students of various classes. Finally, a word of thanks was extended by the Emerald House Leader Master. Nidhal Ashraf,   to the school management and the students for making the day a memorable one. The assembly ended with Indian National Anthem.

Elocution Competition (Classes III – XII)

An Elocution Competition, the art of Public Speaking was conducted on 4th May, 2019 for classes III-XII. The participants were divided into four categories like III-IV, V-VI, VII-VIII, IX-XII. There were three Judges for three different languages English, Malayalam and Hindi and their decision was final. The winners were awarded certificates.

Book Fair @ IPHS

IPHS organized a ‘Book Fair’ on 2nd May, 2019 in association with House of Innovation Books. In the present world, importance of reading has become very important and owing a book is a dream come true for all the book lovers. On display were a wide range of books from Indian & International Publishers (English and Arabic). The books were age specific, curriculum related, exciting & enriching. The children enjoyed the fair and picked books varying from science to spooky stories; from puzzles to poems; and from fiction to facts. The teachers equally helped the children in selecting the books. Event helped the students to discover the wonders of reading.

E-waste Innovations Projects

16th April 2019 to 30th April 2019 were innovative and experimental days for the students of Grade V – X. The E-Waste Innovation Projects encouraged the students to recycle e-waste materials into useful items and the participation of the students was greatly commendable.  The students made working as well as still models using E-waste materials.  The goal of the competition was to re-cycle electronics that are no longer in use.

An e-waste collection campaign was also organized for a week in the school wherein the students of all classes were guided to bring e-waste (old keyboards, mouse, CDs, etc).

Using the available e-wastes, students creatively demonstrated various decorative items which exhibited their knowledge and interest in science. The event provided a platform for scientific explorations and innovations for the future scientists. Trophy and Cash Prize were awarded to the winners.


The Investiture Ceremony on 24th April 2019 was a memorable day for the leaders of IPHS. The leaders were honoured with their respective designation. Master. Joyal Mathew Sumod and Ms. Fatima Fiesta Shamsul Alam were declared as the Head Boy and the Head Girl. The leaders of various houses were honoured by the respective teachers–in–charge. The elected prefects of grades V to XII were given badges by their respective class teachers.It was an occasion to honour the newly joined Girl Guides members too. The oath taking ceremony for all the leaders marked as the reassurance of their duties and responsibilities.The ceremony was concluded with the speech by the Head Girl Ms. Fatima Fiesta Shamsul Alam and the address by the School Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan.

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IPHS, RAK conducted ‘Creative Writing Competition’ in English on Tuesday, 23rd April 2019. Story Writing Competition was conducted during the 8th & 9th period, for the students of classes VI to XI. Different topics were given to different classes on the same day. The word limit of every competition was a foolscap paper. The winners will be honoured with certificates during their assembly.

World Book Day 2019 @ IPHS

IPHS organised different activities in connection with World Book Day on 23rd April 2019. Poster Making, Dear Time, Reading were the activities conducted during school hours. Activities were related to respect and responsibility towards the book imparted as a part of  IPHS core values.


Earth Day celebration at IPHS was held on  22nd  April, 2019 at the  school premises. It was a great day to showcase environmental education, highlight efforts to reduce the usage of water, plastics etc in the school and engage the whole student community in making a difference. An awareness session was also organized for the students. The special assembly conducted by students of grade 9 to 12 was another highlight of the day. Master. Joyal Mathew Sumod of class 12 spoke about the importance of Earth Day.  In his speech he motivated students to participate in all activities to protect our species. On Earth Day students got an opportunity to examine their relationships with the environment and to think about how their lifestyles affect the world around them. Students of different grades engaged in activities like Poster / Chart Making. They spread the message by pasting their works in various display boards in school premises. A PowerPoint Presentation about the protection of land, water, animals, birds and plant species giving the students tips on how to protect our mother earth.

Hag Al Laila’- A Sweet Celebration @ IPHS

Before the holy month of Ramadan begins, UAE residents celebrate the day of Hag Al Laila on Thursday, 18th April 2019 as a precursor to the holy month. Hag Al Laila falls on 15th day of the month of Sha’aban. Hag Al Laila is one of the many traditions inherited by the Emiratis from their ancestors. As a part of it, students of IPHS collected the sweets from Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan and the Section Supervisors and distributed sweets to the guests, staff and to the students. It was a day filled with happiness of giving all around.

Student Council Election 2019-20

The formation of the student council for the academic year 2019-20 was done by various procedures. The initial procedure or step one was the election for the class prefects from Grade V –XII on 11th April 2019.The elected members of each class assembled together on 18th April 2019 to select the Head Boy and the Head Girl. Both the procedures were done by the common election procedures including ballot paper and polling booth. The leaders were later addressed by the school Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, who asserted the duties of leaders.

Global Health Awareness Programme @ IPHS

The World Health Day, a Global Health Awareness day observed every year on 7th April 2019 by WHO. To spread the message to the IPHS Community the school conducted various activities like Pledge to bring Healthy Lunch /Snack Box to school regularly, Special fitness activities in class, Audio Visuals in the classroom to promote the cause, Health and fitness projects during activity period. The activities emphasized the importance of balanced diet, healthy eating habits, and physical activities such as sports and exercises.


Academic Year 2019-2020 at IPHS began with great expectations, excitement, happiness and positivity. The entire school campus was decorated in grandeur creating an ambience of making each and every child feel welcome to school.

The Senior Leadership Team; teaching fraternity; Admin Dept.; Support Staff, the entire family joined hands to herald the new academic year for our students. Students came to school in coloured outfit and were welcomed at the threshold by the SLT and were escorted to their respective classes under the supervision of their teachers, support staff etc.

There was a special broadcast by the Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan which set a positive tone and atmosphere right at the dawn of the new academic year. The day began on a positive foot with the celebration of ‘World Health Day’. Senior Section had a Special Assembly; KG Section students had a dance exercise session; the whole school was engaged in ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ related classroom activities along with setting the stage and planning routines on the Scholastic and Co-Scholastic front thus paving the way for a fruitful and successful academic year exemplifying the school vision, mission, motto and core values.