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Senior Section Activities 2018-19


Bidding Adieu !!

The Farewell party organized and conducted by the students of class XI, on 20th February 2019 created emotional moments for the students of class XII. The ceremony started with a welcome note by the students of class XI. The Principal and teachers addressed the students and wished them success and great years ahead. The seniors, in their colourful attire, looked resplendent and mature to take on the world. There were games and other fun filled activities for the students of class XII. At the end all enjoyed the culinary delight.

Farewell Ceremony @ IPHS

On 19th February 2019 a Farewell Ceremony was held for the students of class X. The students of class IX organised this unforgettable event for their seniors. During the ceremony, the Principal and teachers addressed the students and wished them good luck for their future. Students of    class X shared their experiences with the teachers and the school in bringing about a change in their lives. After a series of emotional speeches there were cultural programmes and games. The event culminated with a sumptuous multi cuisine dinner.


The Physical Education Department of IPHS, UAE conducted an Inter House Football Tournament on 17th November 2018 at Khalifa Bin Zayed Stadium RAK, UAE. The tournament was inaugurated by staff members Mr. Neelesh AK and Mr. Jiju Mathew. Incredible support and encouragement was extended wholeheartedly to the participants by the house members of Agni, Prithvi, Varun and Pawan. The tournament was a great platform to exhibit their prowess in the sport and wonderful team spirit.

At the end of the tournament, Agni House bagged the first prize. The second prize and third prize won by Pawan House and Varun House respectively. The tournament was a great event and as such stands another testimony to the invaluable and unswerving support of the management and staff.

A Trip to Sharjah Book Fair 2018

On Thursday, 8th November 2018, IPHS students of classes IX – XI visited the Sharjah International Book Fair along with the Senior Section teachers and Vice-Principal Dr. Annamma Mathew. The Book Fair was organised by D.C Books. They organised different programmes like ‘Meet the Author’ including activities by various media channels. The Famous You-tuber Ms. Lilly Singh launched her first book ‘How to Become a Bawse’. More than two crore books of different publishers in different languages from different countries were arranged in seven  different halls.  Students also participated in different activities like ‘News Reader’, ’Anchor of the day’, ’Host of the day’, ’Meet the Author and Talk to Them’, ‘Talk Show’ etc. It was a great time for all of the visitors. It was a golden opportunity for our students to buy  books of their choice and their favourite author. The Book fair visit was thus a wonderful and an enlightening experience.

Educational Trip to RAK Museum

The students of classes IX & X got a chance to attend a session on History of Pearl Farming in Ras Al Khaimah National Museum on from 21st October 2018 to 23rd October 2018. Two classes per day attended the pearl farming session. The students got an opportunity to explore the history of pearl farming and fishing in Ras Al Khaimah. The students had given a guided tour of the ethnographic and natural history galleries. They were given a chance to participate in an object handling and question answer session. The session was concluded with a craft activity where the students could able to create their own oyster shell and pearls using paper plates. It was a wonderful experience for the students.


IPHS RAK, organized an Inter House Cricket Match for the students of classes IX-XII for the boys in the school premises. The tournament was inaugurated by the Parent Council Member Mr. Muhammad Ansari. The matches were played between the four Houses-Prithvi, Varun , Agni and Pawan. The final gaming battle was between the students of Prithvi House and Varun House on 21st October, 2018. Their love and vigour for the game was relflected throughout. The enthusiastic crowd experienced a thrilling performance with the two teams exhibiting their best in the limited eight over match. The final match was an epitome of sportsmanship from both the teams with Prithvi house emerging as the winning team. While the winners were cheered, the efforts of the runners up were equally appreciated.  Both the teams presented an impressive show.


IPHS, RAK conducted an “Inter House Handball Tournament” on 19th October 2018. The tournament was inaugurated by our Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan by handing over the handball to the Sports Secretary. Each and every member of different houses motivated their teams and rendered heartfelt co-operation to their respective houses by supporting them.

The tournament was conducted for two different categories and in two levels i.e.  “BOYS & GIRLS”. In the boys category Prithvi House won the first place and Pawan House was the runner up. In the girls category, Prithvi House won the first place and Varun House followed them to be the runner up. The whole hearted support, cooperation and encouragement of all those present as players, team members and audience made the event a memorable one.

Fun Trip To Motion Gate, Dubai & Hili Fun City, Al Ain

The Senior Section students of classes IX to XII of IPHS, RAK went for an adventurous picnic to Motion Gate, Dubai and Hili Fun City, Al Ain, on Friday, 19th October 2018. They were accompanied by the Senior teachers. Students enjoyed different rides such as Roller Coaster, Bullet Train, Madagascar, Blastoff and so on. The park was the visualization of various animated sequences and characters. The motion gate was adorned in the Halloween theme with pumpkins, witches, and wizards adding a glow to its glory. The senior boys, as well as teachers, enjoyed bumper cars, 5D cinema and 360 degree which was jaw-dropping. The scenic beauty and the water rides filled everyone with joy.  The students enjoyed the rides and relaxed till evening. The day was full of fun and merrymaking for all of them. The trip revitalized the students as well as the teachers.

Sewa Programme @ IPHS

On 2nd October 2018 IPHS paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi, the father of nation. To commemorate his birth anniversary, Sewa Programme 2018 – a cleanliness drive was organised in the school. Gandhiji had always emphasised on the importance of cleanliness. He believed that cleanliness is next to godliness. Keeping this in view, the students of classes XI & XII joined hands to clean the school campus and its surrounding. The Principal, Vice Principal and teachers led their groups to different areas like class rooms, school ground, corridors and wash-rooms. The students participated in this activity enthusiastically. The students gave a message that cleanliness and hygiene are inter related and must be observed in daily life.

Career Guidance for Class XII

A career orientation session was conducted for the students of class XII Science stream on 23rd September 2018. It was conducted by Ms. Preeti, a representative from the consultancy. She introduced the programs offered by the university at Tbilisi State Medical University. Tbilisi State Medical University is a leading medical university in Tbilisi, Georgia. She briefed on the medical course offered by the university, the fees structure and the admission procedure.

Workshop on ‘I Love Exams’ – (Classes X & XII)

IPHS in association with Only Success Leadership Training LLC conducted a workshop for the students of grade 10 and 12 on July 2nd 2018. The trainer of the program was Mr.Veda (B.E (ECE), MBA (HR), Only Success Certified Lead Trainer. The topic of the workshop was Icebreaking activities, Doing smart work and principles of excellence for Exam, Strategies for Exam Excellence, Understating the strategies with the help of case studies that are relevant to exam, Design your goal for the exam.

The current school education system places a lot of emphasis on exams and good grades. Due to this aspect of student goal setting is given more importance. This course also explains a powerful seven step study process which students must follow in order to achieve excellence in examinations. The session was informative and inspired the students and motivated them to apply the strategies discussed in the workshop for a better academic achievement.

Career Fair for Class XI

Students of IPHS of class XI attended a University Career Fair organized by Students Era for Senior Students of Ras Al Khaimah on 24th May 2018 at Hilton Garden Inn, RAK. Around 10 local and International universities were presented in the fair to showcase their educational offers to students ahead of their upcoming study. The event was intended to build brand awareness among schools and universities and to introduce students to the variety of educational programs available to them from their local and International universities. It was a unique opportunity for the students to know about different universities and the opportunities they provide.

Inter House Basketball Tournament 2018-19

IPHS, RAK conducted an “Inter House Basketball Tournament” on 28th April and 3rd May 2018. The tournament was inaugurated by our Principal Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan by giving the basketball to the Sports Secretary. Each and every member of different houses has motivated their teams and rendered heartfelt co-operation to their respective houses by supporting them.

The tournament was conducted for two different categories and in two levels like “BOYS & GIRLS AND SENIOR & SENIOR SECONDARY”. The first three prizes in BOYS SENIOR (IX –X) categories were won by PAWAN, VARUN and PRITHVI HOUSES respectively. In girls SENIOR (IX-X) categories, the first three prizes were achieved by AGNI, PAWAN, VARUN HOUSES respectively and in SENIOR SECONDARY GIRLS (XI- XII) VARUN, PRITHVI, AGNI HOUSES held the first three positions. The BOY’S SENIOR SECONDARY LEVEL (XI-XII) was won by PRITHVI, AGNI and VARUN HOUSES respectively. The best player of the tournament in both the categories was won by SENIOR GIRLS Miss. Kanishka of Agni house and in SENIOR SECONDARY CATEGORY GIRLS was won by Miss Fathima of Prithvi house. In the BOYS SENIOR CATEGORY was won by Master. Tevin of Pawan House and in the SENIOR CATEGORY it was won by Master. Pranit of Prithvi House. The whole hearted cooperation of all this made the event remarkable.

Anchoring Competition(Class IX & XI)

An Anchoring Competition was held in IPHS for classes IX & XI on 5th May 2018. The competition was held in two categories IX & XI Boys and IX & XI Girls. Overall it was a good, innovative and enthusiastic competition for the participants. Mrs. Sandra Edward Fernandes, Mrs. Lavannya Praveen and Mrs. Riya Thomas were the judges and Mrs. Ligy Ajith Abraham was the competition conductor.

Educational Trip to RAK Electrical Substation

The students of grades XI  A and XII  A visited RAK Electrical Substation on 24th April 2018. This was a wonderful opportunity for the students to relate the class room learning with the real world situation. At the substation, Engineer, Mr. Pankaj Pillai described about its working and layout. He also provided considerable information about the electrical transmissions and showed the complex network of the system. This encouraged the students to ponder over and appreciate the potential applications of the subject. The students left the station with a better perspective of Physics and were filled with the enthusiasm of having learned something new and valuable. The trip was a very interesting, informative and insightful one. It proved to be a life-time experience for all the students who realized the importance of Physics beyond academics.

Educational Trip to RAK Guardian Glass

To enrich the real life experiences and to link with their curriculum, students of class XI B and XII B visited RAK Guardian Glass on 24th April 2018. Students got an opportunity to see the manufacturing of float glass, fabricated glass products, fiber glass insulation and building materials for commercial, residential and automotive applications. The trip was a very interesting and informative.

Orientation Programme for Grade IX and X

IPHS conducted Orientation Programme for grades 9 and 10 on 2nd April 2018 at 5:30 p.m in the school campus. Senior Section Supervisor Dr. Annamma Mathew welcomed students and Parents on behalf of the school management. A brief introductory speech gave awareness regarding CBSE curriculum standards, scheme of studies, Assessment & Evaluation Criteria, Promotion Criteria etc. Discretion of the Ministry of Education regarding Performance Standards, Health & Safety, Inclusion of SEND students were some of the other topics of the talk.

Various school norms relating to attendance, proper uniforms, grooming, discipline, clean campus, good food habits etc were also included. All class teachers from Grades IX and X along with all subject teachers were introduced and an interaction session with them were also arranged. Suggestions from parents were heard and discussed and names of parents willing to become parent-council were noted. The session got over at 7:45 p.m.

Orientation Programme for Grade XI

Students who joined the Senior Secondary School (Grade XI) and their parents were welcomed formally on 4th April 2018 at 5:30 p.m by the team of teachers working in the Senior Secondary Section.

The welcome speech was done by Dr. Annamma Mathew, Senior Section Supervisor where she briefed about the 15 school policies ranging from Admission Policy to Cyber bullying Policy. Science Stream Class Teacher Mrs. Ajitha S, with the help of PowerPoint Presentation explained the scheme of studies-both Scholastic as well as Co-Scholastic .Promotion Criteria, Optional Subjects, Weightage of marks considered for promotion etc was made clear through PowerPoint Presentation. This was followed by the presentation of the above said aspects by Mr. Binu Kumar –Commerce Stream Class teacher. The programme got over at 7:45 pm after the interaction session with parents, teachers and students.