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Year of Giving

Distribution of Gifts @Al Nuami Construction Company

The Students of IPHS on 19th June 2017 distributed food hampers among the labourers at ‘Al Nuami Construction Company’, Ras Al Khaimah @ American University Campus during the Holy Month of Ramadan and also as a part of Year of Giving.

Thank you very much for all the parents who have supported their children for the contribution of the gifts to make this event a successful one. Thanks to all the class teachers who have encouraged the children to enhance the value of giving to the needy. Without their support this project would not have been a remarkable one.

Distribution of Iftar Kits by IPHS students

“Giving is Caring and Sharing”

Distribution of Iftar Kits by the students of Primary Section on June 17, 2017. 150 packets were packed by the students of class V and distributed.

Global Health Awareness Programme

The World Health Day, a Global Health Awareness day observed every year on 7th April by WHO, was celebrated in our school campus by the Primary Section of the school in a unique way imparting the message to the young ones, “A Sound Body Has a Sound Mind”.

As part of the celebrations, the little ones of the school, grades 1 to v, along with the Principal, Mrs. Anubha Nijhawan, Primary Section Supervisor, Mrs. Shammy Santhosh, and teachers, took part in Mass Drill. Followed by it, there was a display of balanced diet table in each class with the support of respective class teachers, and they emphasized the importance of balanced diet, healthy eating habits, and physical activities such as sports and exercises. The highlight of the event was the noble deed of the little ones, giving their share of fruits, vegetables and dairy products to the school house keeping staff, fulfilling the UAE THEME OF THE YEAR -2017 as the ‘YEAR OF GIVING’.

In the end, the principal and the section supervisor thanked the teachers and the little ones for making the day the healthiest day of IPHS, RAK.

An initiative to share and care by IPHS

“Giving is the master key to success in all applications of human life.”

In order to harmonize with the motto of the year 2017 as the ‘Year of Giving’, a small venture was initiated by the students of classes IV and V as part of their picnic to Saqr Park on 7th and 8th February respectively. It was a humanitarian step put forward by the children to give something to the workers in the Park. As they work in the severe cold outside it was a good decision to give some blankets, woolen caps, mufflers, gloves, socks etc. The fund for the same was collected by the students as per their wish. All the students participated with much enthusiasm and the amount was enough to purchase the required items.

At the park under the guidance of the teachers, the students themselves distributed the clothes among the workers. The students shared their happiness in becoming a part of such a move and it gave them an opportunity to show their concern towards the needy. It helped to create a feeling in their mind that life is not mere acquiring knowledge and playing video games, ‘it is to care and to give’. Even though it was a simple step from the school authority, the impact it made was of immense importance. Children should understand the mere facts of life. They should care for their fellow beings and they should have the mentality to give to others from what they have.We hope to continue ‘giving, sharing and caring ‘throughout this year as it is ‘the Year of Giving’ and learn the good lessons of life together.