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KG Section Activities 2021-22

Verbal Bullying Activities 2021-22 - KG section

Republic Day Celebration 2022 @ IPHS - KG section

Christmas Celebration 2021@ IPHS - KG section

The entire corridor of KG department was brimming with festive spirit as students took part with unbridled enthusiasm in the Christmas activities. It was looking bright and colourful with festoons that would correlate with themes echoing the Yuletide spirit in the month of December.

Red and white was the dress code for 8th and 9th December 2021 to include both the batches of students attending the school on those days. Some had come with the Santa Claus costume and it contributed a lot to the joyous occasion.

Students had brought pretty baubles for decorations, Santa caps, snow man, stars, amazingly done handmade greeting cards, reindeer band, balloons, ornamental balls etc.

A montage was made by the little ones of KG2 with palm prints that looked like a Christmas tree and it was decorated with pictures of stars, Christmas bells on either side coloured by the students that made it look very encaptivating.

KG2 students enjoyed themselves to abundant dose of songs and dance related to Christmas and also took part in the class room activities which was a take away art – A Christmas tree that looked colourful with their finger prints using paints and a star coloured by them at the top of the tree. They also coloured pictures of Santa Claus – who is an indispensable part of this glorious occasion! Merry Christmas!

50th National Day Celebration 2021@ IPHS - KG section

UAE National Day is celebrated every year on 2nd December with unbridled pride and joy all over the country by all nationalities. This is a day that holds great deal of significance in the history of the formation of UAE, the Spirit of the Union comprising of all seven Emirates.

The year 2021 celebrations for the UAE national day go a step further as it marks 50 golden years. IPHS was in a totally festive mood as this was an occasion to rejoice undoubtedly but also a breather after 18 months of lockdown that enabled only virtual celebrations.

The whole school from Kindergarten took part in the activities on 28th November 2021 with children looking adorable in traditional Emirati attire / police officer’s uniform and UAE flag colour dress. They waved balloons and formed UAE and the year 50 on the school ground. The students also did colouring activity in the classroom. The flower petals that were coloured by students in UAE National flag colour were cut and assembled on a chart paper as part of the activity.

As part of the activity Students were asked to submit photographs of their visit to various places in the UAE irrespective of the Emirate. This was to enable children learn other interesting places in the country that boasts of world class landmarks and at the same time keeping the essence of the tradition intact. The photos bearing happy moments on this wonderful land in various tourist locations decorated the corridors of Kindergarten classes to celebrate 50 glorious years of UAE National Day. It was a wonderful spectacle as the of Students of KG 1 and KG 2 assembled on the ground in the formation of the letters UAE and number 50 and in the symbolic representation of the flag colours. They waved the flags and balloons excitedly. Some had also brought beautiful props and craft work that added more dazzle to the joyful spirit.

There were many amazing exhibits for display by the social studies department. The little ones loved it throughly and it had models reflecting places, culture, landmarks, achievements, historical values, ongoing events of UAE. It paved way for a lot of scope for learning about UAE and as it gears to celebrate the completion of 50 prolific years of the formation of the Spirit of the Union also celebrated as the UAE National Day.

National Bullying Prevention Week - KG Section

Anything good or bad affects a child in its growing years. The experiences if pleasant will have a positive impact on their psyche else it could take an emotional toll on them as they are at a stage where they cannot articulate what they have gone through. Hence school plays a major role in imparting that aspect of education that lays emphasis on protecting the emotional, physical well – being of children. Bullying is a menace and school is one right place where awareness about this is created.

National Bullying Prevention week was observed from 21st November to 26th November 2021. Students from Kindergarten level were also included to learn about this as Bullying – unknowingly also happens among kids and it can create a negative impact on them if it is not addressed at the appropriate time. As prevention is better than cure the tiny tots were given this opportunity to learn and understand what bullying is and the negative emotions and feelings it entails.

Couple of activities included throughout the week ranged from story-telling, encouraging children to come up with examples/anecdotes, displaying posters, placards, creating anti-bullying circle on the ground and taking pledge, making anti-bullying bracelet bearing important messages were worn by the students with a very important learning at the end of the week that – hurting someone / something is not OK!

Cyber Safety Week Activities - KG Section

Safety is a very important aspect to be learned by students. Safety at school, home, neighborhood, or anywhere outside is important for the physical, emotional well – being of the students. In addition to all this in this era of over indulgence in technology where E – learning has inevitably become the norm during the pandemic students as young as 5 years old are in a situation to use gadgets and devices. Hence it is very significant for the tiny tots to learn about cyber safety so that they can understand basically the dangers within the digital world and how they can safeguard themselves from that.

Cyber Safety week was observed from 14th November to 18th November 2021. Students were given introduction on safety related to cyber world. Age-appropriate videos were played and explained to them. To ensure their understanding on the subject discussions followed and a worksheet was given to the students to complete. Cyber bullying was also explained to the students. It had pictures denoting various circumstances and how would react to it. They also had to fill it with Yes, it is/No, it is not based on their understanding.

World Children's Day Celebration - KG Section

‘World Children’s Day was first established in 1954 as Universal Children’s Day and is celebrated on 20th November each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare’. – At IPHS KG department did variety of activities to commemorate the significance of this day. Students came in blue as it stands for solidarity with child’s rights. Students attending through E learning had also prepared drawings and craft work like flowers in blue and they happily displayed them for their friends. They had balloons, stars, and placards. Students were assembled on the ground, with song played in the background based on world children’s day they waved delightedly holding the things and paraded the ground.

The activity that followed was a palm print impression on a vast canvas. An outline of banyan tree was put and students from KG 1 and KG2 did palm impressions in various colours to show solidarity, togetherness, better life for those around the world especially during this pandemic hit period. The border had palm impressions in blue to show support for the same. It turned out into a wonderful hue of colours as vibrant and cheerful as the kids themselves and also projecting a very strong message underlying the importance of World Children’s Day.

Children's Day Celebration - KG Section

It was a field day for the KG students of IPHS as they celebrated a day dedicated entirely  for them – the 14th November 2021 which is also the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru whose uninhibited love towards children is a much recorded fact among the other notable qualities of Pandit Nehru.

The theme for the day for Prince and Princess. The little ones are undoubtedly like the tiara or the crown which adds beauty to the whole persona of the one adorning it. The corridors of IPHS was also adorned with these magnificient  jewels with their gleaming smiles and jubiliant shrieks of joy as they enjoyed their day.

The activities included colouring couple of pictures which were based on children’s day. There was also equal measure of singing and dancing to match their bouncing energy levels.

As a befitting finale for the day they wore a crown with hearts – symbolic of the lovely little  sweet hearts  who can win anybody’s heart with their childish innocence and loads of warmth.


UAE Flag day was celebrated on 3rd November, 2021 at IPHS and KG department also took part in the grand celebrations that marks one of the significant events in the history of UAE.

The students came in UAE flag colour dress namely red, green, black and white. Some of them carried the flags and were waving enthusiastically as they assembled on the ground.

The KG2 students went a step further  to celebrate it in healthy way and brought food items in the colours of the UAE flag. There were strawberries, apples, peaches, cherries for red colour, cucumber, green apples for green colour, banana, pop corn for white colour, for dates, grapes, plums etc. They also drew and coloured the UAE flag as part of the class room activity.

Virtual Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration –KG Section


Ethnic Day Celebration-KG Section

Ethnic Day in IPHS was celebrated on August 31, 2021. It was based on the theme Onam, a festival of harvest celebrated in the Indian State of Kerala. Ethnic Day synchronizes with the costume for the day being totally ethnic, KG students dressed up thus, sang songs, danced and contributed immensely to the festive vibes.

There are lot of wonderful happy elements associated with Onam festival and one of them being pookolam or the colourful floral decoration that is made on a flat surface, in remembrance of the same a colouring competition was held for the students of KG . The day thus began on a colourful note for them as they gleefully participated in the competition and outcome was pookolam in myriad hues and shades on a paper. All were wonderful and they showed immense interest in making theirs the best.

The students also watched a video on this Festival of harvest. Many also shared pictures of their Onam celebrations and recollected fond aspects of this festival that resonates with delectable food, vibrant and elaborate floral decorations, traditional finery and many more only to feel and spread  unbridled joy and goodness around.

YOGA DAY – KG Section

Holistic development also includes development of mind and body. It is important that adequate care and guidance is given to these areas of growth especially in young children. It paves way for healthy upbringing and happier future. An educational institution like IPHS apart from providing quality education also believes in providing opportunities that are well aligned with its vision and mission and are in turn beneficial for the student community.

It is important that young minds start believing in and practicing healthy habits and also share them with their peers. On the occasion of Yoga Day that falls on the 21st June, 2021 KG students demonstrated several yoga postures and also spoke few lines on the benefits of the postures. Through this activity they also learnt about several other yogic exercises and the positive impact they bound to have on one’s mind and body parts.

Couple of them also made posters reflecting the importance of Yoga. As the day was also close to Father’s Day it was an opportunity for the tiny tots to involve their dad in yoga along with them. So this sheds a lot of importance on everybody to stay fit and healthy irrespective of their age. E- Participation certificate was also awarded to all the participating young yoga enthusiasts.


Awareness on Positive Parenting

Awareness on Positive Parenting was conducted for the parents of KG1 students by the School Counselor Mrs. Bitty Devasia, on Saturday, 5th June 2021.

World Environment Day –KG Section

One of the most significant issues and the need of the hour is the conservation of the environment. There are several key issues affecting the environment however simple care and concern, consistently, goes a long way in securing a healthy and safe place for the younger generation for their future.

The activities that are incorporated in the curriculum are not only in the best interest of the flourishing young minds but also the world at large where these little ones are going to carve a future for themselves.

Two activities were planned for KG students.

Activity 1 – Germination of seeds:  To understand the growth stages of plants and trees which yield a lot for the benefit of mankind and other living beings.

Activity 2 – Best out of waste: to understand the importance of up-cycling so as not to burden the environment with trash. To understand the unwanted or used items, which otherwise find a place in the waste bins can be seen in showcases or transformed into utility items.

They also talked about the colourful fruits they had in their bowl while also applying the knowledge they had gathered on the subject topic. On that day for the EVS subject, Fruits topic was taught which enabled students learn about a variety of fruits namely seedless, many seeded, single seeded fruits. The young learners listened to stories, songs on the importance of Fruits – one of Nature’s precious gifts to mankind. This activity was conducted as a step to inculcate healthy habits in children and to make them understand the benefits of eating healthy.

Fruit Salad Day

Nurturing healthy habits in young children is one of the pivotal roles of education. As much as it is important to learn and gain knowledge it is significant to apply and practice in our day to day life. In connection with this KG  enjoyed a Fruit Salad Day on Tuesday, May 25, 2021.

Students relished cut fruits of their choice during the class. They also talked about the colourful fruits they had in their bowl while also applying the knowledge they had gathered on the subject topic. On that day for the EVS subject, Fruits topic was taught which enabled students learn about a variety of fruits namely seedless, many seeded, single seeded fruits. The young learners listened to stories, songs on the importance of Fruits – one of Nature’s precious gifts to mankind. This activity was conducted as a step to inculcate healthy habits in children and to make them understand the benefits of eating healthy.

Eid Mubarak –KG Section

IPHS Day and Sheikh Zayed B’day Celebration @ IPHS -KG Section

Founder’s Day at IPHS was celebrated on May 6, 2021. Students took part in the celebration with lot of enthusiasm and jubiliation. Couple of them had festooned the background with colorful balloons.As it was the birthday of Sheikh Zayed as well, who was the Founding Father of UAE students were shown a video on Sheikh Zayed. A video paying tribute to the Founder and celebrating 35 of glorious years of IPHS in the field of education was also shared with the students.

On this glorious occasion students sang happy birthday songs, danced, laughed in all merriment and enjoyed to a great extent. They rejoiced the day. It provided a great platform to students to exhibit their talents in singing, dancing , playing instruments and it was a talent show for the tiny tots.

As part of the celebration students made wonderful greetings cards to show their love for IPHS. It was in various sizes, decorations carrying heart warming messages, drawings and pictures for their school.

It was a wonderful gettogether for the students exchanging loads of camaraderie while celebrating the remarkable milestone of IPHS.

Ramadan Activity

To celebrate the essence of Ramadan, activity like Card Making was conducted in the KG Section. It looked vibrant and lively with these beautiful artworks by children.

Orientation Programme (2021-2022) – KG Section

An Orientation programme was conducted for the parents of KG2 students for the academic year 2021-22 using Zoom platform on Tuesday, 6th April 2021 and for KG1 students on Sunday, 11th April 2021.