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Importance of Ramadan-KG Section

Objective: To develop students’ Personal and Social development; and their Innovation skills- PS2, 2.3 Social Responsibility and Innovation skills.

Element: 2.3.2 Work Ethic, Innovation, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

To inculcate values and social responsibility like universal brotherhood, global citizenship, religious tolerance and enterprise Kindergarten students at IPHS were oriented on information pertaining to Ramadan through a youtube video clip that it is a holy and auspicious month observed in Islam. It is a month of fasting and prayers. Kindergarten students designed and presented a Ramadan greeting which was beautifully designed and coloured projecting love and affection towards their classmates and family. Hallways were decorated with artefacts symbolising and heralding the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. The entire IPHS family joined hand in solidarity to respect and partake in the culture and religious sentiments of their Muslim brethren.

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